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What do I do? Seriously? You cannot go through with this. You’re too good a guy. You have too good a heart. You are literally one of the all-time catches walking around Chicago, and this woman, whatever she’s playing at, she does not deserve you. Umm… That was a strong opinion. Yeah… it-yeah. It is. It was. Okay… That means a lot to me. I will take what you said and I will… I will think about it. Hmm. Wallace. Kelly. Chief Grissom. What are you doing here? You tell me. I got called down by the commissioner. Something involving . Severide and I received unmarked envelopes full of cash, , each. Why am I just hearing about this now? We went straight to legal with it. Didn’t intend to blindside you. But you did. Whatever you’re into, Wallace, you keep me out of it, you understand? I can’t have any trouble. Not right now. The commissioner will see you now. Gentlemen. Commissioner. I believe we’ve had a bit of a misunderstanding. Mea culpa. Tell ’em, Joe. And say it loud in case the FBI is bugging my office. So I might have done a bad thing. I… I wanted to show my appreciation for what you did for my daughter, pulling her out of the concrete, saving her and all. Where I was raised, Brooklyn, New York, you owe a man your life, you slide a little money into an envelope, you press his palm. You say “How do you do?” That type of thing. Apparently that’s frowned upon these days. Yeah, a little more than frowned upon. Like I said, my bad, No one’s got to know. The money, that we are not talking about, is in a box in my office under lock and key, Mr. Pittman. You can come get it as soon as possible. If you want to make a donation to the Club of Chicago, no one’s going to stop you. Hey, that’s a thought, I could put it in your names. Or you could send it anonymously. Save us any more attention. Understood. You need anything else from me, Bill? That’s it. Thanks for clearing this up. Thanks, boys. Dismissed. Looks like we dodged a bullet there. Sure did. Sorry I got a little prickly before. “A little prickly.” Is it just me or is he up to something? Gris is always up to something. Okay. I’ve made my decision. After much consideration and taking into account the fact… Before you reveal your choice, captain, would you mind if I had a word with Otis real quick? Sure. Come on. What’s it worth to you? What? Driving? For me to back out. Look. He is going to pick my name. So this is my moment for maximum leverage. Have you been dating a stockbroker when I wasn’t looking? I’m asking… What’s it worth to you? All my Saturday pick-ups at Molly’s? Yeah, definitely. Rolling the hoses twice a month? Okay. And all my bathroom duties for a year. Too far. Okay… okay. Okay. First two and then I bow out. Deal. Deal. Captain. We have reached a decision ourselves. I’m withdrawing my name from consideration. Fine by me. Otis… Back on as the driver. That’s our boy! Captain! Hey, I… I just wanted to say that I don’t know whose name you were going to pick… This was just a scheme to get Otis to do all your chores? Well… Well played.

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