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He’s in spinal shock. No additional examination? It’s pretty textbook. Pretty textbook, huh? Yeah. Okay, what about you, doctor? Textbook? Here you go, needle. Thank you. Got it. Wire. Wire. Is he –? Yes. Then say so. Trepidation is a deadly quality in this place. Let me out. Life lesson. When asked if you want to examine your patient some more, it’s like being asked if you want a breath mint. The only answer is “yes.” Okay, we’re in. What the hell is a –? I assumed she was referring to the G.C.S. scale. — is normal brain function. — is the lowest. He’s brain-dead. That poor kid. You know, Ariel, I think it’s time you called your aunt. She can’t get a flight until tomorrow. I can’t talk to her until I know my dad’s okay. She didn’t handle my mom dying very well. How did you handle it? I was only , so… Is that lady doctor coming in soon? The one taking care of my dad. I’ll check. Meantime, here’s my cellphone. You call your aunt. She’ll feel better hearing your voice. He was confused that I didn’t understand him. Yes. Called expressive aphasia. It’s word salad. Sounds right to him, but the words come out all tossed around. Activate the stroke team, please. Young squire. I heard you mention tPA. Is that what you’re thinking? Sides, North . : P.M. Yes. The symptom profile suggests M.C.A. distribution. I think so, too. Fingers crossed. Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Cleery, tPA is a kind of miracle drug that has the potential to bust the clot up and reverse the stroke, but only if there’s no actual bleeding yet in the brain. We’re gonna need a scan to know for sure. Doesn’t take people to run a scan. Come on, folks. It’s Friday night. Let’s divide and conquer. Young squire, would you check in at the nursing station, see where you can be useful? When they’re done X-raying him, take him down to Sides and put a cast on him. Are you good? A cast? That’s it? This one. Oh. You got it. Wait. Where is X-ray? Let’s just keep that between us, okay? He’s brain-dead. Oh, God. And she’s all alone till tomorrow. Has someone called Child and Family Services to come get her?

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