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All right. Let it go, let it go. You have the cold saline? Yep. Stat it. Suction. Synced by emmasan A cold infusion. It’s an experimental procedure. It doesn’t even have I.R.B. approval yet. Sounds exciting. You’re the director of the E.R., Mark. Where’s your concern? Left it in a bottle of Xanax. The patient survived, Neal. Well, this time. Look, it was a horrible thing that happened to Leanne. We all felt it. But in the three years since, she’s had more dropouts than any residency director we’ve ever had. She’s become more dangerous and more reckless. She’s been investigated… What… four times by the State. Exonerated four times. I mean, where are we going with this? She’s different. You know she is. No, what I know is that while the accident was deeply tragic, all that rage made her better. You know, more dropouts, yes, but the ones that got through her went on to better jobs at better hospitals. She makes great docs, Neal. The board likes her, which means I love her. You wanted to see me? Uh, yeah. You put a patient into suspended animation. How’s he doing? Has he, uh, reached hyperspace yet? He’s in the O.R., getting his carotid sewn up. And all of his blood is safely back inside him. Don’t ever challenge me in front of my residents again. You were performing an unapproved procedure on a patient, Leanne. Uh, Neal, your old lady here, she’s, uh, trying to get up. Miss? Miss, you can’t do that, okay? The patient was in the grave. And I brought him back. That’s a win in anyone’s book. Not yours. You know, when I was a resident, you always said they’re not scorecards. They’re actual people. Careful. I think I know a little bit better than you that kid is an actual person, that he has an actual family who’s praying that if their son gets brought in here E.S.I.-, he’ll be treated by a doctor who will do everything humanly possible to save his kid’s life, not by a timid one who’s more concerned about the rules than he is about the life on the table in front of him. I see.

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