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as we have unearthed the appearance of a long financial fraud scheme. Reporter: The family got medical airlifts, Disney travel, and free housing over the years because of Gypsy’s supposed disabilities. Reporter #: It was a facade that translated online, [The Gypsy Rose trip] donations pouring in for Gypsy’s reported muscular dystrophy and leukaemia. [Click here to support Gypsy’s medical trip by Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard] Arnott: We have not confirmed the age of Gypsy. It appears that there are several dates of birth that have been used over a period of time. I almost want to say, “Man, I can’t believe she– I even wanted to associate with– why did I even help them?” I just never would see that that little girl really wasn’t who she was supposed to be. [July , ] [The prosecution presents its preliminary evidence against Gypsy.] Case exhibit . Can I ask you if you’ll tell me what that is? Dan Patterson: Miss Blanchard is charged with murder in the first degree. When you commit a first-degree murder, [Greene County Prosecutor] you knowingly cause the death of another person after deliberation. Analysis of cell phones provided evidence of numerous text messages between Gypsy Blanchard and Nicholas Godejohn. Patterson: Nicholas Godejohn was someone that Gypsy Blanchard met online. They began an online dating relationship. Patterson: During the attacks, the two discussed Nicholas killing Clauddine. [The shits gonna go down tonight Radio ] [Babe its my evil side doing it] [he won’t mess up because he enjoys killing] [ Radio we’ll be happy soon.] [After this night we will never bring it up] At the beginning, it looks like a tabloid case. It looks like, “Here’s some people in some weird outfits, and they’re pretending to be disabled and they’re scamming everybody. And then there’s this, like, sort of horrible murder, and the Facebook status, ‘That bitch is dead.'” [Freelance Journalist] Like, all of it is very tabloid. [The New Yorker, Buzzfeed] And then, gradually, that story just sort of fell apart. Still, it feels to me like it’s developing into something else. [Lafourche Parish, LA Gypsy’s hometown] [Gypsy’s father Dee Dee’s ex-husband] I still ask the question, “How do you kill your own mother?” I mean, there’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be some abuse there. You don’t just Radio “I’m gonna kill my mother because I wanna be with a boyfriend.” Like I told my mom when I called my mom and talked to her about it. I said, “Mama, I’ve been– you know, I was mad at you before, but I’ve never, ever in a million years thought about killing you.” I said, “For me to think about killing you, you’d have had to done some pretty bad stuff to me.” Nobody wants to believe that something like this can happen. [Gypsy’s lawyer Missouri Public Defender] I think the initial reaction is– is that, you know, Gypsy’s been lying to everybody. But when you look at the backstory, when you look at how we got here, this all started long before Gypsy would’ve ever had any type of say in what was happening. [Gypsy, months old] Right from birth, three months old. Dee Dee was telling me that she had sleep apnea and she needed a breathing machine or breathing monitor machine, which, I mean, I– to this day, I don’t know if that was real or not, you know? It escalated from then. Problems with her eyes, her hearing, her digestive system. After that, Gypsy couldn’t walk anymore. She had a muscular disorder. [Gypsy, years old] And Dee Dee told me she would need a wheelchair. You know, I asked her. I said, “Man, she’s got a lot of issues. What’s going on?” You know, and, um Radio They had done some tests and found out she had a chromosome disorder that was causing all of her functions from developing– her digestive system and her muscular system. Dee Dee told me she’s not going to live to be, you know, years old. She may be an old teenager, that’s about it. You know, I was like, “Really?” You know, it was shocking, it was disturbing. And to see her at years old now, perfectly healthy– It pisses me off, you know? [Gypsy’s stepmother] Kristy: This picture here Radio

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