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Let’s go, baby. Start taking your top off. Okay, all right. Start taking your top off now. Oh, Lord Jesus! We gonna see y’all. Come on. First man to the bed. Oh, I got that thing! Come on, baby. It’s not Wednesday. Oh, babe, I love your parents. I think they love you too. Mr. Stankershet. Oh, Mrs. Stankershet. That’s Courtney Marie Mount Zion- On-The-Rock Stankershet. I love you. I love you more. Have you ever been in the middle of everything in your life completely falling into place? And you stop and ask yourself, where did it all go right? The jury punishing me now. Oh, officer. Yeah. I so bad. You so bad! I criminal. Yes. Finally! All right! Oh, yes! Oh, no, that one exit-only hole! Kimchi! Kimchi! Yes, tap that ass. I’m tapping that ass. which is why we would like to recognize Otis’ cane. She bent, but she never broke. She fell, but she never stayed down. She had to endure palm sweat that no object on this planet should be subjected to. To Otis’ cane. Welcome back, buddy. Thanks. Congratulations. Thanks. Chief Grissom. Wallace. Nice surprise. You might change your mind when you hear what I have to say. I came here a while ago, got your hopes up about a promotion. Chance to fill my shoes once I step aside. But… But I’ve decided not to step aside. I see. You remember that scaffolding incident Severide and I went up and pulled that kid to safety? Yeah, good save. That was the first time in a while that I got my hands dirty. Nice reminder of… Why I got into this life in the first place. I got blinded there for a bit by all the paperwork and policy meetings, but I realize now that I’ve still got more to give. And I want to give it. So, I’m putting my retirement on hold. Hmm. Anyway… I just wanted you to hear that from me. Squad , pin-in accident. North Green Street. I better go get my hands dirty myself. Do your thing. Yeah. Looks like a single vehicle accident, best I can tell. Hey! Hey, sir! You okay? Capp, grab a ladder. Copy. I saw the whole thing from up there. He hit someone. What? He was going too fast, swerved into some woman walking in the street, but he hit her.

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