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Our idea to use grocery-men, barbers and cigar-stand owners as our agents .. Was a stroke of genius. There’s only one drawback. The storekeepers are not collecting enough money. You’re head of the collection team, Acello. What’s up with the storekeepers? Well, things are tough, you know. People got to buy food, too. I know, but look at all the money they’ll have if they win. Yeah. If they win. Well, we’ll have to make the grocery-men see the light. You’ll have to be firm, Acello. You know what I mean when I say “firm” don’t you? Yeah, I get you Chief. I hope our other enterprises are doing as nicely as the numbers business. How is real-estate for instance, Roth? Couldn’t be better. Dog race-tracks are the sweetest real-estate in the world. And the Cleaning and Dying business, Carsoni? My boys just signed up most of the East side. We only had to get firm once. But I think the man will sign when he gets out of the hospital. How is that Havana Paint deal coming along, Chief? Well, that’s a very delicate proposition. I’m not ready to swing that yet. But the Paving deal is .. in the bag. Anything else? I got a heavy day. Yes. Just one thing more. I suppose you’ve all heard of Steve Comos? He wants to be a big-shot again. They tell me he likes the numbers business. Yeah? Trying to muscle in on us, eh? Well, I don’t like competition. Find out if it’s true about what he’s up to, Acello. And if it is .. Yeah, I know. We got to be “firm” with him. Hello, dad. How is tricks? Alright. What do you want? Oh, nothing special. I just dropped in to see how you was getting along. I’m doing alright. Yeah? Hey, you should have been a sailor. Them boats are the real thing. Think so? Yeah. Now, about your business. You know, you ain’t making half the money you should. You got a store right in the dock district. With a lot of stevedores hanging around with money in their pockets. And you don’t do as much business as the boys in the sticks. I’m doing a good business. Maybe so, but .. It don’t do us no good. I say you’re not selling enough numbers. The big boys are getting sore about it. Here is your paper, Miss Devlin. Oh. You ain’t doing your best. I tell you I am, I can’t take the food out of their mouths. We are not interested in that. We want more action. Oh, hello Ann. Me and your father was just having a little business talk. Yes, I heard. You’ve been threatening him again. Can I help it if the boss is sore .. On account of he thinks your old man is laying down on the job? Why don’t you let him alone? You force him to sell your numbers for you. What more do you want? More of them. I tell you I’m selling as many as I can. Then you ain’t a very good salesman. Maybe you should quit that sawbones you’re working for Ann. And clerk in the store. I bet you could sell numbers. With you looks you could sell anything. Thanks. Keep the change, sister. Say. How about you and me being friends? You’re not trying to flatter me are you? See here, Acello. There is a limit to everything. You leave my daughter alone. Don’t be so touchy. I’m just telling the dame I like her.

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