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And while that is certainly careless of the previous driver I didn’t judge. I just went around and tightened everything up. What are you two doing? Just pointing out that service has been slipping a bit since I’ve been absent. And I am pointing out that improvement is measurable in nearly every respect. This is stupid. Casey won’t say it, I’ll say it, all right? Otis is driving, end of story. Boom, drop the mic. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Pick that mic back up, plug it back into the jack, because that is far from the end of this story. Stella, I love you like a daughter, but if you want to drive… Find another house. Or, Herrmann… stay with me on this… you can kiss my pretty little… Hold on… hold on! Before anyone says anything regrettable. Casey told us we’re going to have a competition for it. Let’s have a competition. Defeated a bullet. I can take on any comers. I mean, it’s not like it’s a mud- or anything. Hey, I talked to Charlie over at Lion’s Total Care. He’s coming Tuesday to pick up my turnout gear if you want in on that. Yeah, I’ll, uh, throw mine in the cage. All right. Can I help you, sir? I… I understand this station saved my daughter this morning. The cement truck… How is she? Doing good, doing good. She has a leg fracture, but… I understand had you guys shown up even a minute later it would have been… More than that. Yeah, no, we’re… Glad she’s okay. It’s always good to know when we make a difference. My mother told me when a stranger does a kindness for you, you look them in the eye and say thank you. So… So thank you. Sure. I’m glad to do it. Will you… Give our best to your daughter for us? Will do, um… Wallace. Will do, Wallace. Thank you again. Boom shak-a-laka, she replied! What’d she say? She wants to get together tomorrow. Dinner downtown. What’d you say? What’d you think I said? I look forward to it. Bad idea. Can’t relive your past. Thanks to Facebook, you can. Ambulance , personal injury. I had him up in the chair and my foot hit the lever and… Then what?

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