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Synced & corrected by -robtor- Come on. Come on, there. Hey, Tony, give me a hand here. Yeah. Come on… Hey, hey, buddy. How you doing? I didn’t see her. It’s okay, it’s all right. Just don’t move your neck. Capp, I need a c-collar. Copy that! Come on… Come on. Come on. Ready? One, two. Okay! She’s not breathing. I think her leg’s snapped. Let’s get her to the sidewalk. Tony! Grab any water you can from the rig. Got it! Okay. All right, coming in, buddy. Come on. Come on now. Watch your arm. Tony! Breathe for me. Come on now. Come on. It’s in her mouth. Can’t get it in there. Come on, get in there… Come on! Come on, breathe for me. Breathe. Where’s ambo? Stoltz! Breathe for me, come on. What do we got? She got a face full of concrete. I think she’s got a broken leg, too. Get in here! Come on… There we go, there we go. Okay, okay, we got you. What got into you? Had a wake-up call this morning. Hey, Otis, talked to Herrmann and we’re going to handle the cooking till you get your legs back under you. I didn’t… I-I-I didn’t… It’s cool. All right, look, I got to say one thing, all right? The food bill has definitely gone down since we got rid of that Cordova giant. We didn’t get rid of anyone. We just kept Otis’ seat warm. Appreciate that, captain. So, I would like to be up front and above board with everyone. I want to keep driving the truck. Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the punch line? It’s not a joke. Look, the great thing about is we don’t baby anybody around here. You’re cleared for duty and that is great, but I stepped up when you were gone. I like driving and so I want to keep doing it. Okay, listen… Stella makes a valid point. Captain! She does. Way I see it… When I played high school football, we had two very good quarterbacks, Scott Schultz and Todd Phillips. Coach used all his spring training to figure out who he wanted as a starter, Scott or Todd. We should set up some spring training to see who’s best behind the wheel of . Works for me. Yeah. Great. Hey. I just got this message from Bria and she sounds really upset.

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