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Floop, you’re spending too much time on this program when you should be more concerned with our grand, diabolical plan. Syndication? The army of robot children, sir. This hardware is getting in the way of my creative abilities. You lost the children. Not only did they escape, they took the Third Brain with them. It exists? Completely. Cortez lied to us. Send our best Thumbs. Sir, if you want to catch a criminal, you send a criminal. If you want to snare a spy… Please speak English, Minion! I’ve been baking under those studio lights. If you want to find a child, you send a child. That is brilliant, Minion. Thank you, sir. Some locating device. I can’t even figure out where the coordinates point to. Who makes this? “Machete Products.” What are you doing? That’s our bargaining chip on getting Mom and Dad back. This is what Floop wants. I think Mom and Dad would want this destroyed. How do you know what they want? Until this morning, you didn’t even know who they were. We keep the brain. For now. Why are you still wearing that? That could be a tracer. They could be tracking us. Don’t start pointing fingers at me. I didn’t do anything stupid, stupid. You better stop calling me names. Or what? Or I’m gonna call you names. The booger was right. I hate that! Thought I ditched you. Why are you dressed like a geek? We’re no longer relatives. Go away. You’re just getting stupider by the minute. Get away from me. Hey! Put me down! Always wanted to do this. Tough guy, huh? Juni! Put me down! Destroy the brain! Destroy it! They took the brain? Yeah, but I took her necklace. She didn’t even notice. They weren’t very smart. Yours couldn’t even speak. “Limited edition Spy Kid, ” of .” Floop’s gonna have hundreds of these flying around. The Third Brain makes them smart. They’re building an army. We’ve got to save Mom and Dad. Only they can stop the robots. But who’s gonna help us? We had it working. A synthetic intelligence as smart as any spy. Why don’t you go ahead and tighten that brain up? The Third Brain System. The OSS director realized it was too dangerous if the wrong forces found the technology. We were ordered to destroy it. Why keep that a secret from me? To protect us from something you destroyed? Or something you didn’t? All these secrets from me, from the children, it has to stop. I’m sorry. He wants the brain. If we save our children, we risk the world. So, what in the world do we do? Thanks for taking us this far, but this is all we got. What are we doing here? Dad’s code name must be “Hombre.” So, this must be Machete. We’re getting help from Dad’s best man? What are you working on? World’s smallest camera. I don’t see it. But it sees you. You sell counterintelligence stuff here? Come back with your parents. We can’t. We need something fast that can get us here. Who are you? Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez. Gregorio Cortez is our father. You were at his wedding. You will turn around, you will leave my shop, because I never want to hear my brother’s name mentioned again. You’re our uncle? Our real uncle?

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