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hing on seals, Is it? My name is Syracuse, And I’m a alcoholic. I, Told you before Circus, Confessions, Is not a chapter of AA. There is none in this town, Father. I have been sober, Two years, Seven months and eighteen days. This is where they clap there hands, Father. Where did you see that in the movies ? Yes. Thank you. Son tel me. I had a dream, Father. I’m at a funeral, She’s beside me, And I’m panicking again. Maybe you still want to be with her. No, No, I’m panicking because. I’m back with her. It can’t happen. She’s still drinking. What, I want is Annie. Perhaps you would need to talk someone, Circus. It is Syracuse. And, I’m talking to you. No, I mean a council. I can put you both in one, But, If you would give me permission. You have no permission, I, Only talk too you, Cause it is in secret. When ever you feel your able to, Tell me and I, Set in motion. Until then… Try to control your feelings. Anything else? I, Suppose there is. Yeah, I , Stole. Oh, Dear. What did you steal , Syracuse? Some lady’s clothes. Oh, Dear, Dear, Dear. I don’t like this at all. Syracuse, This is a bad development. This is not what you think, Father. There was a reason. What was the reason ? I stole them because, I was embarrassed To be seen buying them, Why did you want them for ? They for this girl a meet before, Father. A girl ? Where did you meet this girl ? I, pulled her out of the water, In mine net. In your net ? In mine, Fishing net. You are joking truly, Syracuse? No, I’m not joking. Dreaming maybe. But You know, I, went to mine boat this morning… And there she was, And did she.. Eh.. Spend the night on the boat ? No. No ? So, Where did this girl sleep? I’m not telling you.. No, I, Can’t force you to, Can, I. No, And you can’t tell any one either. No, Mine lips are sealed. But you will keep me informed, Of developments , Syracuse? Definitely Father. So, will, I see you at mis on Sunday ? You know you won’t, Father. Suppose you do. You only avail of the confession. Cause there is no AA, In this proxy town. You wouldn’t say of couple of Hail Marys,

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