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Frank So what group is he? Working. But he’s not going to win in any group because he’s bow-legged, roach-backed, and he smells like he hasn’t been washed in months. scoffs She says that like it’s a bad thing. Only if you want to win. Oh, hi, Philippe. Uh, Max. Wait, Mattie’s your owner? No, no. She’s my handler. Though since we’re on the road weeks a year together, she feels like my big sister. But most important is the relationship between handler and dog. Is he your handler? No. More of an assistant. clicks Ow. Ow. chuckles Make that a rescue. So where do we start? Square one. men Big girls don’t cry Whoa. snickering Watch it, French fry. grunting Yeah, okay. Frank Open. growling He got you, huh? Yeah, he got me. Scrub it in there. Good. I got this, yeah. Keep coming. I’m gonna get you clean yet. Three, two… bubbling You waited for me to get back here for that, didn’t you? laughs Ooh. My eyes, they burn. Gotta say, can’t improve on perfection. What’s that? It’s, uh, bikini wax. When the judges look under the tail, it’s important they have a clean view. Well, in that case, allow me. Hey, what’s that? Oh. It looks kind of sticky. Um… Philippe Uh-oh. It’s payback time. Hey, wait. What’s he doing back there? The pain passes… Philippe! but the beauty, she remains. Wait. What? high-pitched screaming screaming continues Sorry, pal. chuckles Although you are ready for beach season. Uh-huh. Laugh it up, Frank, but you best sleep with one eye open tonight. All right, Philippe, let’s show them how it’s done. Get your books, Maxwell. You are about to go to school. When you’re in competition, it’s all about details. Going the extra mile. Oui. You do not win by blending in. You win by being the star. Max and Frank, you wanna try? Frank All right. clears throat Okay, so you don’t wanna mount the dog. I’m not gonna mount the dog. I’m gonna put the thing on. Okay, be careful. I got it. You and your dog have to be in sync at all times. scoffs Not in this lifetime. Mattie Trust each other and move as one. All right. Hey, hey, hey, Max, hold up. Hold up.

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