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Mr Devlin .. Mr Devlin. I got a hot number. and . It’s just the same as my work badge. I want to shoot the works. One buck. Martinelli, I can’t sell you any more numbers. Your wife says there is not enough food in the house now. He said –. Sell it to him. Alright, I’ll sell if I’ve got it. Hey, buddy. If you was to put two bucks on that number and it won. You’d have twelve hundred bucks. Twelve hundred bucks? This is the last one that I got, but .. Twelve hundred bucks .. she’s worth it. Put him down two. Don’t you think one is enough, Martinelli? You heard the guy say two bucks, didn’t you? Alright .. there it is. Twelve hundred bucks. Oh mama mia. That was the lowest, meanest trick I’ve ever seen. You know that man needed the money for his family. I didn’t make the guy spend his dough, did I? It’s not my business what he does. It should be somebody’s business what you do. It should be somebody’s business to put you and your gang where they belong. Those are pretty strong words, sister. Especially seeing that I’m kinda soft on you. Now if you was to take my advice, you’d keep out of this. That’s another thing I want to talk to you about. I’ll be back in an hour or so, Pop. Where you going? I’ll tell you later. You’d better cool that girl down, Dad. I told you to leave her out of this. Oh, I’m willing. But I don’t run the gang. Now, if something was to happen to her .. What do you mean? Oh, nothing. But accidents happen, you know. Now if a car was to come around the corner and sort-of and accidentally .. But maybe you don’t have to worry about that if you want to play ball with us. I’m playing ball. Your batting average ain’t so hot. Say, dad. Has a guy by the name of Steve Comos been around here? I don’t know. So many people come in here. I don’t remember. You know, you’re quite a liar for an old guy. And we’ve watched you. We know Comos has been around here three or four times. What did he want? I don’t remember. That’s a healthy idea. The more you forget about Steve Comos the better off you are. If you have any dealings with him and there will be two sorry guys. Steve Comas and you. So long, dad. Give my love to Ann. Hey, boss wants you, Higgins. -, you get your pants kicked. Ah, run along little Lord Fauntleroy. He probably wants to give me a raise. What’s up? Mr Werther and his attorney threaten to sue us for libel .. Because of your paving graft article. What’s your side of the story? The truth is my side of the story. Every single doggone thing I wrote is true. Ask Mr Werther his side of the story. Ask him about that shipment of asphalt from Trinidad. I did sell the city a shipload of asphalt. But it was legitimate. I was low bidder. You were the only bidder when your thugs got through beating up your competitors. Could you prove that in court? Maybe not. Your gang would scare off the witnesses. But it’s true, just the same. My original proposition still holds, Mr Witherspoon. Either you print a retraction or prepare to fight a million-dollar libel suit. What do you think, son? Well, we’ve never backed down on a public policy yet, Dad.

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