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Aristotle. Deep. Hey, why does that dog need a bodyguard? Karma is worth more than a million dollars. There have been disappearances in the past. Hmm? Maybe it’s not only the panda they’re after. I’m just looking for a panda. I need a panda. Gosh, is it hot in here or is it me? Is it hot? Are you hot? I’m hot. A lot more where that came from. Not a lot, I mean, but some. You seem untrustworthy. Do you have any idea where I might find something in a bear, Chinese? The cure for cancer lies within them. Oh. chuckles Good. Just got in a new shipment of unmarked bills. You sound like you know the true value of… rare animals, Mr. Upstill, is it? Yes, well, like I always say, if you can’t kill and mount it, might as well collect and breed it. Yes, yes. Would you like to come to a little party tomorrow night? It’s in a warehouse on the outskirts of town. I think you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. Toodles. I have a phone call to make. cell phone ringing snoring Hello? Tomorrow night, is it? Good. Well, now you’ve got me panda-sitting in a damp warehouse. I mean, we are in Vegas, and I was hoping that we could be doing… Guv’nor? Guv’nor? scoffs Oi, fluffy. You and me are expecting some company at the party tomorrow night. Some posh buyers are coming over to take a look at the fancy merchandise. cackles Meanwhile, I’m stuck here eating cold pizza while the boss is hobnobbing at the bleeding Caesars’ pool. Frank There you are. You missed it. I did some pretty good police work over there, so… Well, good. I see you found your dog. That’s something. Hi. How’s it going? Hi. Yeah, well, you know, I am an FBI agent, so… Is that papillon with you? Enchanté. Did you borrow it or something? No, no, no. He just kind of came with Max. I don’t… Okay, well, if I’m not mistaken, that dog is a three-time world champion. barks Frank That dog? You don’t know anything about that dog? No. What do I know from dogs? Okay, look, they told me about this whole situation with the stolen baby panda, and I don’t know why they’d be trying to sell her here, but I am happy to help.

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