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Yeah, just a minor accident with Mentos and diet cola. You have to be very careful with those two. Yeah, well it reconvenes tomorrow. You’re still gonna make it out in time for my keynote speech, right? That’s the plan. People are hounding me to see Robo-Dog. See what I did there? Very funny. I still got it. Good luck for tomorrow. Thanks. Gonna need it. Tyler, have faith, and always remember, you’re a genius, just like your old man. Thanks, dad. Good night. Good night, son. Workshop sandwiches. Oh hey, Tyler. Everything okay? Yeah, I just got a call from my dad. He was checking up on us. That’s nice. Not really. We still haven’t found Robo-Dog and we have to meet him in a couple of days. I don’t know what to do. We could always tell him that we lost Robo-Dog. Yeah, I know, but I’d just rather wait. We already have the flyers up. I really hope someone calls. It’ll be fine. You should get some rest. Tomorrow’s a big day. You’re right. Thanks. You ready? Ready. How do I look? Like a male human being, five foot inches with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a suit. Right, right. When someone asks you, “How do I look?” you’re supposed to say, “Oh, you look great.” I am? Let’s try it again. How do I look? You look great. Ah, stop. Is my tie on straight? Wow. Thanks, buddy. Let’s go. Miss Mira Perry, it is your escorts to the dance. Okay! Open the door, please. Okay, okay, hold your horses! I don’t own any horses. I’m ready! Okay. Close your eyes! Okay. Are they closed? Yep. Are they really closed, Mr. Sparky? I do not know. My eyes are closed. They’re closed, honey, they’re closed. Okay, you can open your eyes! How do I look? I have forgotten what I am supposed to say. You look so beautiful. May I have the honor of escorting you to Radio Of course! Shall we? We shall. Mr. Sparky, would you open the door, please? Very impressive. My lady. And sir. Off to the dance we go. Mr. Melch, Tyler, I’m certainly glad you decided to come back. No problem. We certainly had some excitement for the opening, but hopefully we won’t have any more excitement, at least any more excitement like that, though science is certainly exciting, isn’t it? Yeah. The Fire Marshal’s here to make sure that all of our projects are up to code and we won’t have anymore problems. This one’s good. Any who, let’s get this puppy started. Come on, bow tie. Good luck. Got a good feeling about this. Me too. Nope! Thanks. Have fun. Thank you. Thank you. Enjoy, ladies. Hello. How many? Two, please. Two and a half! I’m sorry, but dogs are not permitted in here. Oh that’s not a real dog. Sure looks like a dog to me. That is the whole idea, but as he said, I am not. I am a robotic dog. Told you. Can we please bring Mr. Sparky in? Mr. Sparky? I guess it’s okay. That’s quite an impressive toy you have. Have fun. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite dancer. Are you ready? Ready. Okay. This is great. Hey, I’ll get us some punch, all right? All right. Two, please. Daddy, there are some of my friends! I’m gonna go say hi! Come on, Mr. Sparky. Enjoy the dance. Thanks. Cheers. Aw, he’s so cute, what’s his name? Mr. Sparky. Hi, Mr. Sparky. Hello. Awesome, can he dance? Can I dance? Go doggy, go doggy, go doggy! Go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy, go doggy! Go doggy, go doggy! What’s going on? There’s a dancing dog. It’s really cool. Oh my. All right, and now it’s time to slow it down. Aren’t you gonna dance with me, Daddy? I would be honored to have this dance with you. Thanks. Let’s put you down here. Ready? Nice and slow. * I don’t wanna be pulled from your side * Warm hand * The safest touch * Hold your stance while our postures brush * I don’t wanna be pulled from your side * I’m stuck here hoping that the next words come out right * It’s the same old feels * It’s the same old story * When the dream gets real * I don’t wanna get up * I don’t wanna be touched * It’s the same old feels * It’s the same old story * When the dream gets real * This is the best day ever. I love you, Daddy. I love you too. * It’s the same old song * But this time it saves me * It’s how you feel * I don’t wanna give up * I don’t wanna give up this time All right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is now time for me to announce the winner for the year’s best dancer award for the spring dance. The award goes to Radio Radio Mr. Sparky, the robotic dancing dog. Congratulations, you won. I won? You really know how to boogie, huh? What is boogie? You know. Nice moves. Oh. I just want to present one more very special award for the sweetest dance. It goes to Mira and her dad, Mr. Perry. Let’s give it up. Congratulations. Right, congratulations! Thank you all for coming to the spring dance, and have a good night. Can you believe this? I can. How about we celebrate with some ice cream? Real ice cream? Real ice cream. Hooray, yippee! Hooray, yay for real ice cream! Mm, real ice cream! Congratulations on winning first prize. I knew you had it in you. Thanks, Barry. Man, I just wish Robo-Dog were here to see this. Wait a minute. It’s picking up Robo-Dog! Where is he? He’s that way! Come on! Run, Barry! That’s not gonna happen. Ice cream! Ice cream! Uh-oh, sorry, buddy, they don’t allow dogs inside. We’ll be right back, okay? It says he should be around here somewhere. Good, maybe we can stop running and I can catch my breath. Robo-Dog! Robo-Dog, it’s me, Tyler! Robo-Dog, over here. That’s it, buddy, come here. I’m sorry, were you talking to me? Yes, we’ve been worried sick about you. Where have you been? I’m not sure I understand. Do I know you? Yeah, I’m Tyler. I’m your best friend, remember? Oh, nice to meet you, Tyler. I am Mr. Sparky. Oh. I’m Barry Melch. Nice to meet you, Mr. Sparky. No, your name is Robo-Dog and you’re my best friend. I believe you are mistaken. My name is Mr. Sparky and Mira is my best friend. No, you’re my best friend and you’re my dog. Now we’re going home right now. Come on, Robo-Dog. Thank you for my ice cream, Daddy. You’re welcome, honey. Let’s get going. Come on. Okay. Come on, Mr. Sparky! Where are you going? You. Hey, I know you.

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