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I kind of wanted that promotion. Yeah. Anyway, the reason we are here is I am not going another summer without a boat. Somewhere where I can tool around the lake, go fishing with you and Casey, or… Teach Terrance how to catch a large mouthed bass. Okay, chief, but as a guy that repairs these, let me warn you. Two things I managed to never buy… a horse or a boat. Josef Ignacio Cruz. Look at you. Looking as fine as . You have not changed… A bit, Delia. Except I’m and no longer sprinting meters, but, you know. I bet you still could. Oh, it’s so good to see you. Yeah, you too. I couldn’t believe it when you showed up in my inbox. I’m just glad you answered. So… I noticed on your relationship status on Facebook that you’re… I say this right off the bat so you know I’m not playing with you, Jo. I am married. Yeah. That’s… that’s what I noticed. But… the truth is… I’ve thought about you. And that time we spent together before I left to KU… Over and over again. I can’t get it out of my head. I get it. But I don’t want to just think about our time together anymore, you know? Life’s too short. Yeah, I know what you mean. Hey, Hermann. You used to run that limo business, right? Do you still have any connections? In the limo world? No, I got out while the getting was bad. Why? Oh, Bria and her boyfriend are trying to go to prom I was seeing if I could get them a discounted ride. I walked to my prom. Told Sharlene to meet me there. Come to think of it, that didn’t go over so well. Hey, listen, you tell Bria that every single limo in the world has been puked in multiple times. And they even have a guy at the limo company whose job it is is to clean up the puke every weekend. You know what, you both have been a tremendous help. I’m just going to… Oh, Jesus. What’s this? Outside messenger service dropped it off. That’s all it had on it. Thanks, Connie. Connie! Get me the CFD legal department ASAP. Chief. What the hell is this? I don’t know. But we are going to do everything exactly by the book. Connie! You are witness for both of

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