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I can’t stand this any longer. I want to quit. If I could only sell. Wait a minute. Do you mean that? Yes. Yes. Then maybe I’ll be free. Yeah. I’ll show those suckers how to muscle in on a racket. I’ll buy your joint. Huh? How much do you want for it? I don’t know. I haven’t .. Come on, come on. Make up your mind. Well. Six thousand dollars. Okay. I’ll give you three. It’s worth more. I’ve a good business. Quit stalling. I said three thousand bucks and I don’t argue. Take it or leave it. I’d lose money. I would .. Alright. I’ll do it. Sure. Now you’re being smart. I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll get the cash and settle the deal tonight. You live upstairs, don’t you? Yeah, upstairs. Okay. See you at o’clock. Dad. Dad, where are you? In here .. doggone it. What on earth ..? I wanted to surprise you. I thought you’d be tired so .. So you decided to set the house on fire. Well, you’re a darling anyway, but you go and sit down. I guess I’ll stick to ship modelling after this. Ann. You and I have always been partners. And I’ve consulted you on everything. But this evening, I .. What did you do this evening? Well. I agreed to sell the store. Pops, you didn’t? I did. Do you mind? Do I mind? Why I think it’s wonderful. Who is going to buy it? A man named Comos. I don’t know much about him. But he will be here tonight with the money. It ain’t much. It’s only , dollars. Oh, I’d have been almost willing to give it away. We didn’t own it anyway. We were running it for that numbers gang. Now we’ll be free of them. Oh Pops, I’m so happy! We won’t be able to do all the things I planned to do when I retire. But. We’ll get by, won’t we. Maybe I can sell some of my ship models. Why, with my salary and the money you’ve saved .. We’ll be rich. There is one thing you’ve forgot. What about that nice, long ocean voyage you planned? We won’t be able to afford it. We’ll quarrel about that later, and I bet I win. [ Doorbell ] I thought you said Mr Comos wouldn’t be here until o’clock? He must be early. I’ll let him in. No, no. I’ll go. Don’t you bother. Comos! Her we go .. look out now. Ah, I got two of your men at the same time. What’s an -letter word meaning “simpleton”? A reporter. Ah, I got your General. [ Telephone ] I’ll get it. Alright. Uhoh, another man lost. I guess I’d better bring out my first team. Come on, fight you big sissy. Hey, don’t call him a sissy. He’s a Brigadier General. He doesn’t have to fight. Mr Higgins? Yes, just a moment. You’re wanted on the phone, Tim. Huh? It’s a woman. Another one. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so good looking. You must have attractions I don’t know anything about. It’s that mole on my left shoulder blade. Hello? Huh? Yeah, I remember you. Now listen lady. I’m sorry but I’m not interested in your story. What? Hey, you’re not trying to pull a fast one on me, are you? Now don’t get sore. I believe you. I’ll be right out. Hold everything. And don’t call the Cops. Hey, take care of the kids until I get back and we’ll start the war over again. See you later, honey. What’s up now? Got a heavy date with a blond.

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