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you called a superwoman. So when I tell you she’s got this, she’s got this. So, how’s the rest of it going? Since, you know… Since I cleaned up? It’s better. It’s much, much better. I got my job back. Turns out this guy, Sam, that I’m on the line with, he got moved up to supervisor and he said the past is the past and he put me right to work. Now I’m just saving up to get out of this dump. That’s really good news. Yeah. So, who’s the lucky guy? His name is Donovan Mitchell. He’s awesome. Well, if he asked you, I know he is. He’s like me. We don’t have a lot. I mean, we’re not taking a limo or doing a fancy dinner or anything. I just want to look nice when we get there. You’re going to look like a knock-out. Okay, let’s try out some looks. You can tell me what’s best. Okay. Uh-huh, yeah, I know, they’re both here. Yeah… Okay, will do. So, hey, that was Casey and he says that spring training starts now. Explain. Mm-hmm. Well, he says since Mouch and I are the main ones to benefit, or suffer, depending on which way this driver choice thing pans out, that we should, you know, have a big part in the evaluation. That’s leadership right there. That sounds like BS. Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah? Do you want to call him? Call him. Be my guest. Tell us the competition you have in mind, Herrmann. There’s two cabinets there full of glasses that need polishing. There’s two more down there. First one done… Wins my endorsement. Now I know you’re full of it. Am I? What… Well, you didn’t say go! Did you really talk to Casey? What brought this on? Been thinking about it a long time. Figured I’d reward myself if I ever made deputy district chief, but… That’s not happening. No? No. Found out yesterday morning. Well, don’t overreact. I’m not. Just got to thinking. I spent a lot of time waiting for good things and not enough time pursuing ’em. Mom and Daddy brought me up humble and proud. So… awards, commendations, promotions, they weren’t things that you seek out. I mean if they came along that’s fine, but… they weren’t pursued. It turns out…

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