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You’ll back down on this one. Or pay plenty. What do you think, Barton? Personally, I think Higgins’ article is correct. It’s obvious there is a distinctly bad odour to that paving deal. You bet there is. Then that’s final? Oh no. I’m just giving you my personal opinion. As the attorney for this newspaper .. I’m forced to admit that Higgins lack of positive proof .. Does leave us open for a libel suit. No Mr Witherspoon, I advise you this time to roll over and play dead. Alright, then. Higgins, write a retraction and submit it to me. What have I got to retract? Everything I wrote is true. It’s final, Higgins. Do as you’re told. And in the future, be certain of your facts. I will .. I’ll be lenient with you this time. Lenient? Ye Gods. I get you the hottest story this town’s had in months and you back down on it. Now you want to be lenient with me. You know what you can do with your job. Don’t lose your head, Tim boy. And as for you, you crook .. Retraction, my eye. I’ll starve first. If you won’t think of your wife and children, think of me. Who’ll I have to drink with if you quit? I won’t write a retraction. Are you Mr Higgins? Yes. Why did you advise a retraction? A fine attorney you are. Listen. It’s easier to file a retraction than to fight a libel suit you know you’ll lose. Think of my nerves. Mr Higgins. Now don’t tell me you’re going to sue me for libel too? I wanted to have a talk with you. That is, if you’re not too busy. Oh, that’s different. My wife and kiddies. I’m a married man just in case you’ve got ideas. That’s splendid. Is your wife married too? Huh? Could I talk to you .. alone? Oh we’re practically alone now. That’s just an attorney. Mr Barton .. Miss .. Devlin. Pleased to meet you. I’ll go. Oh no, no. Who knows? This may be blackmail. What is it, lady? I read your article about the paving graft and I .. I was afraid of that. So you are going to sue? I don’t know what gave you the idea I’m here to joke, Mr Higgins. It is serious. It’s about the numbers racket. Oh, and you want us to stop it, huh? Well, you should know what’s going on. They’re taking food money from the poor. They are forcing every grocery-man, barber and bootblack to sell for them. Oh, I wouldn’t say force was being used. You know, every salesman gets ten percent. Yes, but a lot of them don’t want the ten percent. Just honest merchants who .. You fail to excite me, lady. Sorry but this lad is out of the crusade business. That paving graft story you were kind enough to read .. Was wadded up just now and slung out. All my efforts to clean up the city are not appreciated. I’m sorry I took up your time. Oh, it was a pleasure. May I see you to the elevator? No. What’s the idea of trying to keep me out? You’d better go, Comos. Acello and his gang are across the street and they saw you come in. You think I’m afraid of those mugs? Why, I’ve some boys at the factory that will .. Push ’em all in the river if I give the word. They might follow you here and I’ll have a gang battle in my store. Won’t you please go! I’ll go when I get good and ready.

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