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I am growing more and more grateful for your presence every day. My goodness! Oh! What a good boy! Okay. I know I said huge transformation, but holy . Pets? I know. It’s transformation in spades. Makes sense. Beautiful, straight men who listen to you and don’t watch football. Too good to be real. Our app works though. I know, right? Okay, I confess. I’m developing a crush on Sam. It’s hard not to. There’s no mind games. It’s only actual games. Well, mostly fetch. Hey, look. There’s nothing in this chart that’s gonna tell me exactly what’s gonna happen, but But what? Well, astrology’s cyclical, and tomorrow’s a full moon again. So? So there’s a chance that any transformation that happened this past month can change again. Well, I mean, that doesn’t mean that they have to change back. I just don’t know. It’s only been a month. When is my next Jupiter transit? Twelve years. somber piano EMMA: We worked hard on this app to combine the reality of the stars and the magic of astrology. Tonight, I find myself holding on more tightly to the magic. I just found it again. And I am so, so grateful for every minute of it. I’m not ready to let it go. Thank you all for sharing tonight with us and the SkySign app. applause Yay! You did it! Yes! ballad Close to me Why’d you have to get so close to me ‘Cause all that’s left is the ghost of me Now you’re gone, gone away And I’m finding now Hi. AJAX: You’re different. How? You’re comfortable. Well, I talked to Nina, and she thinks I know, I know, I know. Sorry. It’s animal instinct. I kinda feel these things before they happen. It’s the ecosystem balancing itself out. You trust me, right? Yeah, completely. Except around goldfish. Well, maybe it’s time you try that again with people. I don’t think I can. ‘Cause there’s this guy who lives in a tiny troll house. Oh! You’d be okay with that? I don’t know until it happens, but I was thinking about going stray for a while anyway, sowing some wild oats, metaphorically speaking. Is Summit thinking of going too? Are you kidding me? That mutt lives and dies for your presence. You know who else does? AJAX: He adores you. And you deserve that. Nothing less. I know. He’s a human. But love doesn’t have a species. I’m finding out It’s really kinda hard to know what love’s about Until you lost it and it’s gone somehow Cheers! To us! Yes! It burns so good. It hurts all the way down. Yeah! It feels so good. coughing Another one. This might be my last chance. What do you mean? Keep ’em coming. howling I know this song. Yeah? Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude! What the hell are you doing? Oh, uh, look, it’s a nervous reaction. I’ve been doing it since I was a pup. She could be anything or anyone. I-I can hump you. Whoa, whoa, whoa! It’s go time, hole! Why does everybody keep calling me that? Hey, I love your mane. That is beautiful. Hey. Hey, my bite is just as drunk as my bark. Woof! Let’s go, doggy. Hey, somebody gave him too much to drink. He can’t handle it. This is none of your goddamn business. woman gasps snarling WOMAN: Come on, let’s go. All right, let’s get you some air. vomiting I don’t like tequila. I’m thinking about an early retirement. You know, maybe travel around the world. Yeah. Traveling around the world sounds great. Mm-hmm. I think it’s time for the young blood to command. Are you girls game? Hell, yes! Yes. Can I take some time to think about it? Uh, sure. I mean, don’t take too much time. I’d actually like to begin the transition on Monday, if you’re up for it. SUMMIT: I just started getting used to hands. AJAX: It’s been a wild time, huh? You know what I’m not gonna miss though? No. All the worrying and the thinking. Yeah. That part sucks. You know what also I miss a lot? Huh? Licking myself. Oh, yeah, I hear ya. You are a splendid butterfly It is your wings that make you beautiful And I could make you fly away But I could never make you stay You said you were in love with me Both of us know that that’s impossible And I could make you rue the day But I could never make you stay Not for all the tea in China Not if I could sing like a bird Not for all North Carolina

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