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On your way out would you ? Legends of the Selkie. What are you reading, Annie? For school. Selkies. Selkies? That is a Scottish thing. This one isn’t. Curiouser and curiouser. What is that? What Alice said to the White rabbit. Come again? Curiouser… …And… Curiouser. See, I knew you where real. O, It is real? Yes. I, Knew it was not a story. What wasn’t a story ? The fisherman, The girl in the net. Mine dad told me a story about you. Your dad is Syracuse? Yeah, The fisherman. So, Do you have magic powers? Do you? You know, I don’t. Oke.. You don’t. Can you make me better? Better ? I’m sick. I, Have got kidney failure? Didn’t he tell you. What is your name? It’s Annie. Annie. I’m Ondine. Ondine. I’m examining it for webs. Well, Do I, Disappoint you? Ondine it’s French isn’t it? What is a French Selkie doing here? Who said that I, Was French? You got lost, Did you? Yes, I, Suppose, I did get lost. Your cold? Suddenly. Cause you are on land now. Your natural habitat has it in the water, You see. You seemed to know a lot about me. Yes, I have been reading… Researching… Want to come inside? If, I cross the threshold, You might put on hex on me. What is a “Hex” ? It’s bad news a hex. Maybe under water feels better. Better then what? Some days I’m sick all the time. Does it feel better under water? I’m not sure, I know what you mean. Oh, Come on, Let’s not try and fool each other. We both know the truth. And if we are not safe for it, There is no point of being friends. So, We have to be friends then ? We could be, If we play fair to each other. I need you to be specific. Feel any better in that home of yours under the waves? But, Definitely feels different. And I, Know you don’t talk down there, You sing. Yes, Singing travels by under water. What about the cold? You get used to it. Oh, Of course you have a seal-coat don’t you ? Mine seal-coat? Look, There is no point of being around the bush. I, Do know these things, I , Have been studying them. So, Tell me about mine seal-coat. You lose it when you get out of the water.

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