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As well as X Factor, the biggest news that we’ve got about you is that you’ve done a voiceover for a Christmas TV show, for dogs, about dogs. Yeah. It’s actually made for dogs to watch? That’s true, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s new. Different. It’s a gig. That’s weird, when you said that, I did the dog thing, I went, “Huh?” AUDIENCE LAUGHS I can’t believe you said that! What’s it called, Louis? I forget. Woofs, Woofter, or something. ALL LAUGH Woofter or something. It’s A Woof’s Life or something. Woofter’s Life. It’s something like that. Louis, I’ll tell you what it’s called. Merry Woofmas. OK. OK. OK. OK. Merry Woofmas. OK. OK. AUDIENCE LAUGHS We’ve got a clip of it, let’s have a look at this. LOUIS It’s Christmas morning and sitting at home Holly the doggie is after a bone AUDIENCE LAUGHS In her Christmas stocking there’s many a treat But her big juicy bone is all she wants to eat Oh, that’s a big bone. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Louis, why don’t you give her a message? We have a big fanbase of dogs that watch Celebrity Juice. Yeah, yeah. Sausage dogs Your message down camera five. They love it. Sell it to the dogs at home that are watching, on camera five down there. This is a very short movie, it’s for Christmas and it’s for Louis, Louis, Louis. They aren’t gonna understand that. Speak in dog. AUDIENCE LAUGHS OK. You know how to do that, don’t you? LAUGHS AUDIENCE LAUGHS Woof? Woof, woof, woof. That’s “hello”. That’s “hello”. Urf, urf, urf! AUDIENCE LAUGHS Gonna get sacked. LAUGHS If Cowell sees this, I am gone. I am so done. You know that! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS He’s my brother in real life from another mother, it’s Chris Kamara! Whoo! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Hey, bruv. I tell you what, erm, congratulations is in order, because it’s my brother Chris’s birthday on Christmas Day. It’s his th birthday. LAUGHTER AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Looks well, doesn’t he? LOUIS: Yeah. Fiftieth. Fifty? It’s not your th, that’s your telly age. AUDIENCE LAUGHS It’s a conspiracy theory, apparently, that you could actually be the Lord Jesus Christ.

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