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AUDIENCE LAUGHS I think we’ve got a photograph of when you were born. There you are. CHOIR: Hallelujah Hallelujah Born laughing. Born laughing. I can’t believe that you’re there, because it was three wise men there. ALL LAUGH Always laughing. LAUGHS How do you stay so happy? Aaah. I love life. You love life. But you like singing, don’t you? I do. I have a little trill every now and then. Do you go to the local pub and have a sing song? Not the local pub. If only we had a clip of him having a sing song, so Louis could tell us if he’s got the X Factor. OK. If ONLY we had a clip. Oh, you have. Let’s have a look at this. The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall Come on, all, your turn now. Cos you say it best MEN: When you say nothing at all AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS It was good. Louis? APPLAUSE CONTINUES Louis, what you think? Really good. Is it a “yes” from you? I’m saying yes! Better than the original. AUDIENCE OOHS, LAUGHTER Hold the phone. What? Apparently, a few dogs have been watching Celebrity Juice. LAUGHTER They’ve sent in some video messages. Let’s have a look at those. OK, good. BARKS ALL BARK AUDIENCE LAUGHS AUDIENCE APPLAUDS Oh, that’s funny! APPLAUSE CONTINUES Should we go old school? Go on, then. Let’s play RECORDING: Don’t Show Keith Your Teeth. RAMSEY: Aah, yes. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS CHEERING DROWNS OUT SPEECH OK, this is a word association game. I’ll give you a category, you must give me a word associated with that category. The name of the game is Don’t Show Keith Your Teeth. Don’t show me your teeth. The category is Christopher. SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY Playstation. Pick your nose. KEITH LAUGHS AUDIENCE LAUGHS SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ALL LAUGH SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY FEARNE LAUGHS AUDIENCE LAUGHS SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ALL LAUGH “Mmm, mmm! No. ALL LAUGH Knit a jumper. Nadia Swa-la-la-la-la. “Masturbate. Play with a yo-yo. Play with a yo-yo. LAUGHS ALL LAUGH LAUGHS KEITH LAUGHS Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! ALL LAUGHING SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY

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