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You got me? This here, this is what we call a quarter. You’re gonna take it to chatterton’s bakery and bring me back two day-old pies: Apple and coconut-cream. Yes, sir. What do you think of him? He’s a good boy. I think he is. A couple of years underage, that’s all. Well, I’m a couple of years overage, so I think we’ll get along. If you need me, I’ll be at corbett’s. You two can share those pies between you. What’s your name again? Homer macauley. Homer macauley. You’re just the boy this office needs. I reckon you’re the fastest-moving thing in this valley. Remember, once a messenger, always a messenger. Alright, boy, alright. Homer macauley. My name is William grogan. I’m years old. Old-time telegrapher, one of the last. And I’m hungry. And from now on, you and I are friends. Mm. Here you go. I may, on occasion, ask you to run me an errand. In the event of drunkenness, I shall expect a depth of understanding. I’ve got a pretty good understanding. Do you? We’ll see. Every evening Games I’ll count on you to see that I’m able to perform my duties. A splash of cold water directly on the face if I don’t respond when shaken and to be followed immediately by a cup of hot black coffee from corbett’s across the road. You know where corbett’s is? Yes, sir. Cold water, hot coffee. Excuse me. Homer Games Do you think that this world is gonna be a better place after the war? Yes, sir. How do you like that coconut-cream pie? Very good, sir. Homer Games This is your first telegram. Put it in your cap. Postal telegram. You have a telegram? Yes, ma’am. For who is it? A Mrs. Rosa sandoval, g street. Are you Mrs. sandoval? Sí, sí, sí. Please come in. I cannot read English. How does the telegram read? Ma’am? Please, open the telegram and read to me the telegram. Yes, ma’am. Please, come inside. Who sends me this telegram? My son, Juan domingo? No, ma’am. It’s, uh Games From the secretary of war. The secretary– maybe it’s a mistake. Maybe it wasn’t your son. Maybe it was somebody else. The telegram says it was Juan domingo, but Games Maybe the telegram’s wrong. Please, sit down. I will bring you some candy, okay? All boys love candy very much. I can’t quit. Otherwise, I’m as good as dead myself. Mr. grogan! Mr. grogan. Mr. grogan, there’s a telegram! They’re calling you! Wake up! Ah! Coffee. Corbett’s! Mr. corbett, I need a cup of coffee right now. It’s for Mr. grogan. Sure. No, it’s alright. No charge, boy. Thanks. That’s right, that’s right, that’s right! Don’t be afraid. That’s exactly right. That’s what I told you. It’s exactly right. Corbett’s coffee. Is it Games an important telegram? No. It’s most unimportant. Ah, the accumulation of money, business. Seeing it takes a few weeks for the important ones to get here. It’s a night letter, but you won’t have to deliver it tonight. It’s most unimportant. But very important for me to receive it. They wanna Games replace me. They’ve been wanting to retire me for years, bring in machines, teletypes. Machines instead of human beings. Yes, sir. I knew I could count on you, homer. I just knew it.

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