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Say ‘yes’, this evidence disappears. But she ives. Say ‘no’, you can have this, but she dies. Who am I ta king about? So, de ete or not? De ete? Just nod your head. Okay, de ete. Jang-woo. Do you trust me? I’m taking Mr. Suh back. Your fish is ready. If it’s a ot, I won’t go. Come by. You’re ki ing me. Okay, fine. I got another ca . Okay. See you. What is it? You know that abandon house on the hi ? The one where a fami y was murdered. It was own by a pharmacist back then. He got sick after his second marriage. He had a daughter, but turns out she was autistic. Then one day Radio I’m sick of that sound. She won’t move without this snack. ooks ike his entire fami y died. On y one person came out a ive. Know who that was? It was Mr. Suh, the pharmacist. Isn’t that weird? He on y went to midd e schoo , can pharmacists do that? Ma’am! Dad’s acting up! He’s not breathing! Ma’am! P ease he p him! P ease! He p! I to d you not to disturb me when he’s here. It ooks bad. Everyone’s a mess up, shou dn’t you at east be norma ? You stupid moron! I to d you not to disturb us! Are you deaf and dumb?! What a moron! Suzy Radio Suzy? Suzy! What do we do now? The house is a most ours, et’s finish this today. What about the boy? et’s eat first. This crab is so good. I gotta crack this open. So fu of meat inside. Eat something. You shou d eat. You son of a ! Ca m down! You can’t do this! Si-eun, she’s in danger. You bastard! Get him! It was you. Cross ref ection off a pudd e! The cross Radio I heard this p ace’ get demo ished, so I mov back for o d times’ sake. Must I move again? P ease stop this. Suzy Radio wi want that too. Wood carving was my father’s favorite hobby. Time wou d f y whi e he was carving. But that woman said this made too much mess, and she nagg and nagged! As soon as she join my fami y, it a went to he . My father, and Suzy Radio So ki her. With that. Did you s eep with him? A dirty things must die. Si-eun! You’ die. You must eave. You’ die here. I won’t eave without you! Jang-woo Radio Jang-woo! No! Jang-woo! No! No! Suzy. Why’re you sti here? No. I can’t stop now. Suzy? Suzy? Suzy? When Eun-ji was Radio or so Radio My parents di in a car accident, and we were at their funera . She he d my hand tight, and said to me, “Don’t cry, I’ a ways be by your side. Don’t cry.” That’s who you took away. A torn apart, a b oody mess Radio in that co d water Radio I’ ki you, before I die. Motherer! Sushi! itt e one! Sushi! A bit burned, right? It’s okay. So ong as it tastes good. the giant waterbed-shap iceberg right in their path. WI OUGHBY: Mmm-hmm. Or he just finds you super-annoying and ignores you. At his own peri , as evidenc by this i -fat and i -advis adventure in mid-co apse before you Radio I assume, being a new (IN DEEP VOICE) teammate. Thank you, Wi oughby. I’m Finn. Uh, Jake. Hi. Char ie Wi oughby. Hi. Jake. Good to meet you. Nice to meet you. (SIGHS) Did you meet the brain trust that perpetrat such a fo y, McReyno ds and Roper? Uh, yeah, yeah. Uh, I think so. One of them to d me he hat pitchers. Even his own teammates. Undoubt y G en McReyno ds, resident A -American. On the fie d, you know. Up here, benchwarmer. Hey. Chapter wi b ow your mind. Yeah? Yeah. P UM: Guys. Is it true that our house is about to fa down? FINN: Yeah, any second. What’s up, man? Jake Bradford. What’s up, dude? Tyrone P ummer. Man, you can’t even good on a waterbed. It’s ike having with a gir on top of another rea y fat gir , know what I mean? Just moving around. Yeah. Get out of my shot. Sorry, man. Ah! ! . Sorry. What the he ‘s wrong with you? You scar the out of me. Hey, you Bi y Autrey? Beuter? , if I was that pussy-whipp itt e , I’d be on the phone moping to my gir friend. Why? I’m just suppos to be rooming with him. “I’m just Radio ” Oh, damn. Yeah. Uh, we , , if you ever wanna find Beuter, just fo ow the phone cord. This? Yeah, come on. You’re ike a ost amb. Thanks. (GRUNTS) (CHUCK ES) What did I te you? Hey, Beuter, this your new roommate. Damn, put some pants on, man. JAKE: What’s up, man? Ho d on one second, babe. Jake Bradford. Jacob? Hey, how you doing? I’m Bi y Autrey. Good to meet you, man. Good to meet you. Da e Doug as. Jake Bradford. Hey, man, what position do you p ay? Pitcher. We , what are you? Second base. JAKE: Hey, I’ see you ater, man. Okay, Jacob. Yeah, we’ see you, man. Hey, adies! Happy hour is upon us at the Fox. Two hours of drinking before the team meeting. et’s go. That’s what I’m ta king about. You guys go ahead, man. I’ve got some unpacking to do. Bu ! You’re on the team now, baby! (IN GERMAN ACCENT) Onward, upward and inward! Ja? Oh, yeah! (RAP MUSIC P AYING ON RADIO) (A SINGING A ONG) Say he o, Finn. FINN: Mmm-hmm, ooh, ook at what we have here. ROPER: We , ook at this ove y bunch of adies. et’s say hi. I think we shou d. (HONKING) Tit-tit-tit-tit-tit-tits! off, faggots! Yeah! That was beautifu . Oh! I ove this time of year. (JAKE AUGHS) (ROCK MUSIC P AYING ON RADIO) Party ater tonight at the baseba houses. Where? th and Avenue H. You know, just

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