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, So what are Games so what are mornings like back home? Mornings? What’s that? Exercises. What for? Muscle. Gonna be the strongest man in the world. No. What are you gonna be, then? Go back to sleep. Gonna go to school? Yep. Gonna learn something? I’m gonna run the low hurdles someday. Why? Because everybody born in this town wins the low hurdles. Marcus did, the manager of the telegraph office did when he went to ithaca high. He was valley champion. What’s valley champion? That’s the best. Gonna be the best? I’m gonna try. Tomorrow– no, yesterday I saw the train. How’d it go? The bachmann waved. Did you wave back? He said, “going home.” Where’s he going? I don’t know. Everybody’s got a different home. Are you going? Someday. Gonna come back? Sure. Gonna be glad? Sure. Gonna be glad to see ma, Marcus and Bess, glad to see you. Don’t go, homer, don’t go. I’m not going now. I’m just going to school. Papa went and he won’t come back, not like he used to. Marcus went Games Don’t you go too, homer. It’s gonna be a long time before I go. But, for now, it’s time for you to go. Where? Back to sleep. Ah!! I have no idea what’s ahead. But whatever it is, I am humbly ready for it. Marcus. Marcus. Marcus. Marcus! My friend here is an orphan. His name is Toby George. I’ve told him all about our family and someday I’ll bring him home. I would rather I wasn’t in the army and there was no war. I don’t hate anyone. But I’ve long since made up my mind to be the best soldier I can be. More than anything else in the world, I wanna come home. And spend many long years with you, ma and Bess and ulysses. I wanna come back for a home and a family of my own. You are now on your way, in a world chockfull of things that Games Aren’t easy to understand. So, of course, all the mistakes are ahead. All the wonderful mistakes that you must, and will make. Trust your heart, which is a good one, to be right, and go ahead. Set! No! Get off the field! Ugh! And if you fall, tricked or tripped by others, or yourself even Games Get up. Dinner with Games well Games No, now wait a minute. I promised? When did I promise to have dinner with your parents? – Come on, you remember. Uh-huh. We talked about it at breakfast. You remember, right, darling? Okay, take it easy. Every Games Every time you call me darling, it make me wanna– – what are you afraid of? Yeah, no– – dinner is at : sharp. : sharp. You know how– what do you mean by sharp exactly? – You’re a diamond! Wear something right. – Mm-hmm. You know, evening clothes. What do you mean, evening clothes? I wear the same clothes morning and evening Bo– – the clothes I got you. No, no, alright. I love you. And I know you love me, too. Yes, I do. Okay. No. Goodbye. I have been out to dinner two times in my life and Games I was scared to death both times. I had no fun at all. Mr. Spangler, I’m sorry I’m running late. Hi, homer. Hey, homer. Ulysses, what are you doing here? Oh Games ulysses, huh? That makes sense. This little fella, he just walks in right off the street, plops himself down, listens to my phone calls.

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