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I just don’t want to get blood on my pants. Okay, I found a discussion he tried to erase on his big solar project. Looks like Pope orders his guy to delete certain shipments from the manifest. But he specifically tells that guy to leave other shipments alone. Why would he wanna hide shipments of solar panels? Because it’s not solar panels. He’s got one of them hidden shipments arriving tomorrow. JAMES: We need to find out what’s in that shipment. Wait. Does that mean what I think it means? BEN: We are on a stakeout! Long-time dream achievement, unlocked. You know, I think I really proved myself this trip. And, I guarantee you, James, that truck gonna be full of drugs. All right, man, slow down. If the Port Commissioner wasn’t cooperating, it could be a problem. One to kill for. He tried to cooperate, but Pope still killed him anyway. How do you know that? I was there, on Pope’s yacht. When I told you to tell me everything you know, why you didn’t tell me everything you knew? I didn’t see anything, all right? I was listening in on his phone. Well, then, shut up with all that hearsay. It’s not admissible in court. Star Wars, the original trilogy. Name them and rank them, let’s go. Episode Five, Empire Strikes Back. Episode Four, New Hope. Episode Six, Jedi. Boom. Empire Strikes Back? What? Return of the Jedi, I don’t know. Jedi! Oh, my God. Those Ewoks? BEN: The Ewoks are what made Star Wars- EXCLAIMS MOCKINGLY They’re so annoying. No, no. James? James? AJ: Maya? Maya? James, real quick. Maya. James? James? Maya? Maya? If you could be a shark or a eagle, which one would you be? Shark! You got so many disadvantages being a shark. If you’re an eagle, you’re flying! I saw a eagle take this lady baby one time. AJ: No! Biggie Smalls. Is he slightly overrated? He’s no Sir Mix-a-Lot. BEN: What? Maya? Maya? Maya? Maya? James? James? James? Shut up! hut up! GRUNTS Damn. They got some nerve. He never stops talking. He’s got to be able to breathe. Yep. Trust me, I know. CHUCKLES Nine out of things out that dude mouth is either crazy, irrational, or silly. But that th thing game Tenth thing goes beyond crazy, you know, into a, like, accidental genius realm. I’m gonna ask you something. If you really feel that way, why are you so tough on that guy? All he wants is to be a detective. He’s setting himself up for a disappointment when we get back, so game VEHICLES APPROACHING Trucks! James! Oh! BEN: I see the trucks! The trucks are coming, look! Give it to me. AJ, get ready to check the container numbers against the Port’s manifest. Copy that. MAYA: All right, where are we going? Where are we going? This is the one. Right here. What’s the number? ——-. KEYBOARD CLACKING That number does not exist. It’s a ghost. Jackpot TIRES SCREECHING There you go. Copy that. We’re heading west on Port Bridge. Bring all units on outbound lanes and set up a blockade at Biscayne. PILOT: This is MDPD Air One. En route following westbound game SIRENS WAILING Okay, here we go. TIRES SCREECHING Hands! Hands up! BEN: Get your hands up! Get them hands up! Put your hands up! JAMES: Ben, get the door! Out the cab, Slim! Hurry up! Turn around! You know who this truck belong to? Ye , it belong to me. Us! It’s our first bust! As the brothers-in-law. Get to the back. Right. I’m on it. Open it up! All right, Ben, let me know what we got, partner. Is it my birthday? No! Okay, it must be Christmas! What we got? HERNANDEZ: Department’s about to get sued for harassment. And, I get to explain to the new Port Commissioner, why we’ve made a mess of his front yard! We had good intel. It was an unregistered, off-the-books shipment. It was a clerical error. I really don’t understand what I gotta do to get off whatever list I seem to be on, here. Mr. Pope, let me apologize. See, I don’t get it. I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to be cool. Did I press charges when you three crashed my party? No. But, now game See, now, I’m pissed. I have a reputation to protect. This is gonna come out weird, but I’m really, really rich. I mean, I make sick money. And, do you know what that money buys me? Hmm? Access. So, you can imagine that I have already begun to make calls up the chain of command. So, James, it looks to me like your training day is officially over. But hey, good luck on your future careers, or whatever. Captain! Can I have a word? HERNANDEZ: You, come with me. You can help me explain this mess to the new commissioner. . Ouch. That went really badly. It’s kind of hard to think of any outcome that’s gonna be worse than that, right there. CELL PHONE RINGING It’s about to get worse. Hello? Milk run, huh? I’m gonna assume you’ve been chewed out already, so I’m gonna save my voice. James, we’re talking about a lengthy suspension. Ben, you’re still probationary, so there’s really no choice. Wait, Lieutenant Brooks. Hold on, now. There’ll be a hearing, but it’s just a formality. You’re done as a cop, Ben. Like “done,” done? Lieutenant, you don’t wanna hear my side of the story? No! Just get your asses back here! Please, don’t do this. You did this! You and James! Lieutenant! CALL DISCONNECTS Here, man. What the hell did we miss? I know that shipment ain’t nothing but a front to move coke. Ye , but the containers was empty, James. Maybe the container was made of coke. I’ll put a pin in that. WHISPERS I gotta use the bathroom so bad. CELL PHONE RINGING This is Ang. Hey, what’s up, babe? Ben, I need you here now. CORI: Angela? Cori is driving me crazy. You said two days. I know. Hey, I’m marrying someone on Saturday. I’d prefer it to be you. Look, the whole thing just went pear-shaped. We took a swing and we missed bad, Ang. We missed real bad. SIGHS I am so sorry. But, no matter how bad it went, I still have faith in you. I appreciate that, babe, but you got game And, I always will. We can get through anything. Together. I just want you to know that I love you. I love you so much. Love you. I was about to tell her I lost my job, but then I started thinking like, “No, just wait till you get home, because game ” Hey, guys. I was just thinking about

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