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They still need time to break down that phony data don’t they? Another day or two, more or less. I don’t know. I’m not sure. Nobody can be. How about a break for a sandwich and coffee? I’ll stand by with Frank. Alright. If you change your mind, just tell the hall guard you’re joining us downstairs. That man in there. Does he know where Tommy is? Probably. At least he knows where the letter went. Then make him tell. We’ll keep at him. But he knows the ropes too well. We can’t beat it out of him. No? You can’t either. I can’t let you, Frank. I didn’t write the Bureau’s book of rules. Rules, rules? Who cares about your rules? I care about Tommy. So do I. We can’t do it. It’s against everything we stand for. He’ll talk, Frank. It’s a question of time. Time? How much time do you think Tommy has? “Yes?” Give me long distance. I want to call Los Alamos. “Who is speaking, please?” Frank Addison. “Sorry sir. This line is restricted.” “You can’t call long distance.” Why can’t I? I’ll pay for it. “I’m sorry, sir.” “It’s government regulations. You will have to get official permission.” Farley. “Russ, can you come to the Tech Lab right away?” “We need a check.” Okay, I’ll be right there. I’m Frank Addison. Where is he? Now, now Where is he? No wait! Where is Dr Addison? Inside. Alone? Santa Fe. The letter went to Santa Fe. Frank, you shouldn’t have. Russ. Did you have anything to do with this? I’m responsible. Russ wasn’t here. You haven’t any right to take More right than he had to take my son! I’d have beaten him to death if I’d had to. I’ll have to report this. You said the letter went to Santa Fe. Where in Santa Fe? Nineteen, El Bado Street. A Robert Kalnick, a physicist. Know anything about this Kalnick? Only by reputation. Well known abroad. How soon can we get to Santa Fe? We can be there by daybreak. Inspector. Just a minute. Inspector Mann. Get me the airport. Inspector, my wife. When I left, I couldn’t say much. George, get him patched up. Would it be possible to have her meet us in Santa Fe? It would give her something to cling to. Some hope. Russ, okay the Doctor for a long-distance call. Right. Have your wife meet us at the airport. Inspector Mann. Okay, put him on. Where is it? Second house around the corner. There is a street construction man standing by. Reardon, Jones. Take three men, cover the front and the back. The rest of you come with me. Check the window. Not yet, Doctor. Wait until they have things under control. Inspector. They proved the formula was fake. No darling. Oh, please. Come on, honey. Oh morning, Officer. Morning, folks. This gentleman is a Forest Ranger, Marion. Are we trespassing, Officer? No. But the ruins are closed to the public. Well, I just thought we’d take a look at a couple of your caves. You know, get an idea of how folks used to live. Sorry, but it’s not safe. Too many cave-ins and slides. We wouldn’t want you folks to get hurt. You’re absolutely right, Officer. Come on, Morty. If we hurry, we can have lunch in Santa Fe. Anything happen this morning? Just tourists all the way from Pennsylvania.

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