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Everything on board’s thinking too hard. Why? Computer, display these failures over time. Processing timeline. Cascade failure. It started two years ago. Power surge. Seventeen failures in one day. Including hibernation pod . That’s me. Woke me up. What happened that day? Something big. A major system went down somewhere. Everything else on board is trying to pick up the load, but the load’s too heavy. Whatever started this, we got to find it. And fix it. How bad can this get? Give me risk analysis based on this data. Extrapolating. A mission-critical failure is imminent. Failing systems. Life Support, Fusion Reactor So we’re stranded. Hibernation Bay, Ion Drive On a sinking ship. Main Engineering. Not a lot of things big enough to hit this ship that hard. With Diagnostics out, we’ll have to find it ourselves. Where do we start? Qua! Scan complete. Analyzing data. What’s it say is wrong with me? It’s a few things. disorders found. Get me out of here. What’s the prognosis? Critical diagnoses cannot be discussed without a doctor in attendance. Override on my authority. ID . Lay it on me, doc. Pansystemic necrosis. Progressive organ failure. Cause, unknown. My goofy hibernation pod. That’s the cause. What’s the treatment? Various treatments are possible. None will meaningfully extend the patient’s life. How long have I got? Your end-of-life transition is already underway. These sedatives will alleviate your suffering during these final hours. Gus. I need a minute. We are experiencing difficulties in flight. Gus! JIM: Gus! Where could he be? For your own safety, please return to your cabins. We are experiencing difficulties in flight. For your own safety, please return to your cabins. Should’ve took the damn pills. I’ll go get them. No. Stay here with me. Sit down. You two take care of each other. My ID. Get you where you need to go. Fix the ship. Find out what’s wrong with her. How do I look? You look magnificent. Ladies love the dress blues. What do we do now? This can’t be good. I’m going back to Engineering. Can you fix this? I need your help. Let’s go. Arthur! Let’s go. Yeah. Main Engineering. Can’t we wake up some of the crew? It’ll take them too long to recover. We don’t have that kind of time. What are we even looking for? Something broken. Something big. Come on. Is it broken? It seems okay. What’s next? Power plant. This way. Come on. The whole section’s closed off. Something’s wrong. We’re looking for wrong. Try to open it. Warning. Pressure fault. Lockdown initiated. Please secure all doors. Hold on! Warning. Dangerous oxygen level. Please secure all doors. Dangerous oxygen level. Please secure all doors. Grab it! Pressurizing cabin unsuccessful. Pressure normalized. Oxygen level restored. There’s a End lockdown. A hole in the ship. More than one. How did that even happen? The ship’s supposed to be meteor-proof. I guess one got through. It’s hot. I think we found it. It’s the reactor-control computer. This is what hit us two years ago. Jim How can we fix this? We’re gonna die. There’s replacement pans for everything.

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