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But what a bad thing. OK… forget all when I go. What’s the point? Maybe it’s just playing. What do you mean, your friends? San Jose Margot Kim social media. This account can access the public. Tweet this account is locked. Facebook Facebook logo Margot Kim. This account can access the public. He never said a phone number for his friends. If not all good friends, Who else will? pump Hallo? Hello there, David Kim, Margo Kim’s husband. -Kim, of course, remember her husband. What happened? Good good. Listen, I called you because I can’t make it, Margo. but just want to talk… to learn Maybe it’s a signal, right? What do you mean? You know the situation on top of the mountain. What’s the mountain? Camp with friends. Law Margo. The Law? I’m sure he didn’t tell you what? Told. Yeah he saw the message, mount it, so he said. Yes, they were waiting. I can’t imagine The only reason I ask. The school’s not over. What school? I’m gonna tell you, this is what they do. Isaac will be a big problem. It happend like that. Kids. Yeah. Tell me, they plan. to go back tomorrow morning. After receiving the signal, I’ll tell Isaac command Margo to call you. Excellent, perfect, thank you. You two fight? What do you mean? I mean, I haven’t talked to her since. Thank you. I’m fine, Margo and me. Isaac was talking to his mother. Call when you receive a signal. Hello there? Hey, Mr. Who’s Isaac? Mom said… Isaac, yeah, hello. I apologize for calling me early in the morning. -None of. I just wanted to say, I can hardly help. Yes, you can give my daughter a phone? What did my mother tell you? What do you mean? She never showed up. Do? What do you mean Isaac? Never came, Then the last time we asked her to go to the car we all went to school. What did he say? He didn’t answer. What is your emergency? Hello, I’d like to give you the missing ad. Who’s missing? My daughter I know… I called before Nothing, sir. Yeah. We will do primarily to report the archive. I’m gonna help you with a detective in your area. Good. We start with his name. Margot Kim. Case . % opened Case closed . % Alo? David Kim Hello, what is this? Yeah, that’s David Kim. Good morning, my name is Rosemary Vick. I’m an appointed detective for her daughter’s condition. Yeah, good morning. I’m waiting for your call. Of course, we’re working on it as quickly as possible. minutes from home. I want to know, what do you know what is comfortable? I just told you all the details I know who it was an hour ago. I don’t know what you’re doing. I swear. Who, we take this very seriously. And the old man, I can imagine how you feel. But you need to know all the details you want to help. From your perspective. Understandable… detective. Okay, let’s make it clear. One. After learning about the band Thursday afternoon, Margot didn’t return home. Two. He called three times at . Three. Friday at the school was not available. And Four. Hang this lesson o Piano for the last six months. Is it real? Yeah. OK. Mr. Kim, I’ve got a daughter. But I need to know more about him, okay? Yeah, what do you want me to do?

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