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Tonight at dinner, I understood what you said about the good and evil in people… and how’s that way in all of us. But… Well, why isn’t…? Why isn’t the way you and I feel about each other? I mean, there’s nothing evil in that, is there? You think there is? No, no Harry. Bea, we’re in love, aren’t we? Yes, we’re very much in love. That’s all the difference. Oh my dear, John is looking for a piece of music… The Banks of Loch Lomond, will you help him find it? Yes father. Thank you. Harry… I’m not one to brood about things but you must’ve noticed my concern in the carriage. Why no sir, I just thought that… That amazing flight of fancy you put forth at dinner, I must confess it startled me. Although I’m broad-minded myself it was a bit shocking too. I’m sorry to hear you say that sir, because I assure you it was not a flight of fancy. You mean you actually were in honest? Profoundly sir, as a matter of fact I’m hoping to spend all of my time… This is distressing Harry. Why? In my opinion the whole thing is harebrained. Well, I’m sorry to hear you say that sir, I… You’re a coming man in your profession, I’m very proud of you. But these ridiculous experiments won’t get you anywhere, you must give them up. Develop your practice, cultivate the circle in which you and Beatrix shall move. Harry my boy, I’ve always wanted a son and now you’re going to be that. Now, I’ve had my say. Let’s have your nightcap, it’s getting late. And by the way, I’ve taken a box for the opening concert at Albert Hall. You’ll join us, of course. It’s up, you and the old boy cross swords? Yeap. Seems I must discontinue my research. Spend the rest of my life diagnosing measles, mumps and whooping cough… or encounter his serious disapproval. I’ve been cut out of the draugh… even I was surprised when you took a Marley dinner party into your confidence. Don’t asking you to agree with me, I just have a decision to make. Now look here Harry, you and I’ve been friends for years. I can’t agree with you theory… but that doesn’t make any difference to our friendship, you know. Let’s drop into the club, I rather whip, do you good. Well, I’ll walk that far with you. Let me go, you thug. Let me go. Help me, help me. Let him go, let him go. You get a cab, I’ll see what’s happened. Yes. A girl can’t walk out with a chap, who does he think he is? Think did he hurt you? It’ll take more than a bloke like that to… Why, I bet I look ever so untidy. You sure you’re not hurt? Why I, I don’t think so. What is it? Your ankle? Yeah, it’s twisted. Oh, do you mind? No, no. After all, an ankle can be very painful. You are ever so kind. Oh, me side too, he hit me. Oh well, I should’ve caught him. Oh no, no. I’m… I mean I, I’m so glad you stopped, if you take my meaning. My friend is getting a cab, perhaps we could drop you somewhere. Oh, you’re ever so kind. Shall we try it now? There, that’s a girl. Gentlemen like you shouldn’t be bothering yourself about me. Now, what sort of a gentleman doesn’t like to help a pretty girl? No. And me with me hat all over me head. So he asks me if he can walk me home, he does. Well, I turns around to him and I says yes. When a girl is out late, it’s nice to have a bit of company to see her home. Natural. Well, I know what’s what. Well, you have to if you are a barmaid. Well, I like a bit of fun as the saying goes but when a bloke grabs you… sudden like with nasty notions in his head it’s time to put your foot down. I’m, I’m sorry to bother you gentlemen. Well, here we are. Oh, it hurts more now. Oh, does it? Oh my… Can I give a hand Harry? No, no, I think I can manage. Oh, I’m so sorry. Good night. Good night. Here? The light is by the door, if you have a match. Right. You better let down your blouse. Why? Well, you want me to have a look at you, don’t you? I don’t know. You are looking, ain’t you? Well, how about your side? Do you want to look at my side? Well, don’t you want me to? You aren’t half a fast one, aren’t you? I forgot to mention, my friend and I are physicians. Physian, physicians? Doctors. Doctors? Oh, go on. I thought you were a couple of toffs.

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