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Yes? What? Oh, no. Can this be evil, eh? Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll? What’s happening sir? Are you all right? What is it? What you want? Is that you, Dr. Jekyll? Now wait a minute. Wait a minute Poole. Dr. Jekyll, who is that in there? Dr. Jekyll, answer me sir. Yes, Poole? I’m sorry sir, but I… I heard an odd noise and a strange voice. I thought something was happening sir. No, no, no. It’s quite all right Poole… there was someone here, a friend of mine. A Mr. Hyde. I, I let him out, back door. Oh, I see sir, very good sir. Miss Beatrix is here sir, I showed her into the consulting room sir. Hope I did right sir. Yes, yes, that was quite right Poole. Tell Miss Beatrix I should be there immediately. Very good, sir. Harry. What you doing here Bea? Oh, Harry, then you’re not… Not what? Oh, I don’t know. I’d the strangest feeling, I thought… Yes, you thought? That you were going away without ever seeing me again. Well, why would I do that Bea? I love you. Why… Oh, I know, but I lost you for a moment Harry. I was afraid. But you’re not afraid now? Of course not. Well, you see that everything is all right, nothing is happened but I… I’m the same as I ever was? Of course. Must’ve been a dream. Yes, yes, dream. You’re not angry with me? Angry? Oh, I don’t want you to leave me, ever. Oh darling. I love you so much. Please don’t send me away. No. Yes, father? A good thing I was worried about your behavior tonight, I couldn’t sleep myself. Sir Charles, I know that’s strange for you to find Beatrix here but… I want you to believe that… All I can believe is that your ideas are not normal Jekyll. Not fit, not even… Sir Charles… I asked Beatrix to come here tonight because… No, Harry. Father, I know my being here is difficult to understand but I’m not ashamed. Then my dear I shall be for you, because I do understand. We leave for the Continent tomorrow on the afternoon boat train. The continent? Father, please. Oh, come Sir Charles. After all, you could eliminate… all this difficulty if you’d set an early date for our marriage. You don’t seem to understand sir, we’re very much in love, we want to be together. We don’t want to wait any longer. Please, father. In view of what is happened tonight I believe the engagement should be broken off. However, I’ll be lenient. We shall see you on our return. Come my dear. Father, I never disobeyed you in my life. But Harry, if you don’t want me to leave… I’ll refuse. Beatrix. I mean it father. I don’t want you to go, Bea… and I can’t agree with your father’s decision but I.. I do know that he’s thinking only in your happiness. I can’t argue against that and I can’t ask you to. That’s highly commendable Harry. Will you see us off at the train? Better have two engines, I might try to hold it back. Try, try anyway. A glass of sherry wine sir? No, no thank you. Well, would you consider a letter from Monte Carlo sir? I’ll take the sherry wine too. Yes sir. Miss Beatrix should be returning home soon now, shouldn’t she sir? Yes, yes Poole. Hobson was telling me that they were expected.

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