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“Still”? You sound very old and wise. I feel old, but not very wise. Miss Stubbs, I need your help. I was so hoping that’s what you were going to say. Thank you, Marjorie. It’s from Oxford. “It is my pleasure to inform you “that your application to read English at Oxford has been accepted. “On behalf of the Faculty of Arts, “the staff of the university look for Well, you go on Dr. Jekyll and try to put old Belzebu in his bottomless pit, he’ll show you. Go back and be good Dr. Jekyll. I must go to the hospital sir. Hospital? On a Sunday? Oh, you mean that outrageous individual. Harry says the Providence dropped the man right into his lap. Well, but isn’t this most unusual my boy? I’m sorry but it is sir, most unusual. Oh, don’t you dare be late for the Marley dinner tonight. And let you have a free rein with all those men, I should say not. You know, that’s a silly little hat you’ve got on. I knew you’d like it. There isn’t anything about you I like. All right Jenkins. Sorry. My dear please. Oh, sorry father. My dear Beatrix, I’m a very broad minded man but I do wish Harry wouldn’t make such… demonstrations of affection in public even if you are going to marry him. Now father darling, don’t be pompous. Good heavens, nibbling your knuckles. Tell them what a grown man really thinks about it. I can’t allow it, it’s a matter of ethics Jekyll. Please Dr. Jekyll, may I go in? No, not now, Mrs. Higgins. Bear up now, that’s how you can help. Good heaven’s man, it’s the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had. The more I see at the case, the more I realize it. But you don’t mind if we object, you know how we all admire your work. And possibly this case does come within the scope of your research. That’s why I’d like to bow to your opinion. But as head of the staff at this hospital I cannot… Listen Jekyll, tell me straight out, what you think you could do for this man? I might have a chance of curing him. A chance? Yes, I’ve been experimenting with animals. Yeah, but what might works with animals might not with a human being. Jekyll, your chemicals may be deadly. No, not one animal has died. But it might, now it’s too dangerous, you go too outside of known medicine. But I’m no witch doctor. Who’s called you a witch doctor? You told me yourself that it still had to be proved. I can’t allow you to experiment with… . Why, after all the man’s a human being. You mean he was a human being. And he might be again, if you keep your high bar ethics out of this. Sometimes we have to gamble. Or haven’t you the courage to face what might be the most daring… Listen Jekyll, I wouldn’t talk these experiments around very openly if I were you. You’re dealing with things it would be better not to mention for your own sake. There might be trouble. Trouble? Trouble… Harry old boy, there are rumors of… What’s the matter? Don’t worry John, the bull is leaving the China shop. Now Harry, it can’t be as bad as that. John my good friend, I realize your Dr. Heath is right. After all, we doctors can’t experiment on human beings. Something might go wrong and then the human beings will no longer believe in our medicine. Isn’t that right? Now, look here. But when I get proof, ethics or no ethics. I want to be on hand, China or no China. Good afternoon sir, just in time for tea, sir. I’ll be bound you had no lunch sir. Now, what about some nice, hot crumpets sir, eh? Of course, we mustn’t spoil our appetite for dinner tonight. Miss Beatrix would be after me properly if we did that sir. And beside, Mrs. Marley’s butler tells me that their new cook is really first class sir. Sir, what about your tea sir? Shall I serve it down there sir? Now look here sir, you must’ve something, you know? Mrs. Marley, my deepest apologies. You doctors, I know we can never rely on you. You know, I don’t mind being scolded by the smartest hostess in London. Oh, Dr. Jekyll, do sit over there. Thank you, good evening. Giles. Colonel. My special apologies to you Lady Colburn. Pleasurer. Behaving yourself? A doctor’s life, eh Harry? The more patients, the colder the soup, eh? As a matter of fact, it wasn’t the patient,

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