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And yes, of course, studying is hard and boring… Boring! I’m sorry? Studying is hard and boring. Teaching is hard and boring. So what you’re telling me is to be bored, and then bored and finally, bored again but this time for the rest of my life? This whole country is bored. There’s no life in it, or colour or fun. It’s probably just as well the Russians are going to drop a nuclear bomb on us any day now. So my choice is to do something hard and boring, or to marry my Jew and go to Paris and Rome and listen to jazz and read and eat good food in nice restaurants and have fun. It’s not enough to educate us any more, Mrs Walters. You’ve got to tell us why you’re doing it. It doesn’t have to be teaching, you know. There’s the Civil Service. I don’t wish to be impertinent, Mrs Walters, but it is an argument worth rehearsing. You never know, someone else might want to know the point of it all one day. Where did you find him? I can’t tell you that. Why? I think he likes you. Do you like her? “Yes, I do like her.’ ‘ You do? Oh, you don’t… You don’t remember? It’s Jenny. You remember her from last time. “No, I don’t.’ ‘ Yes, you do! Naughty thing. You… Pardon? That’s revolting! You stick to your own species. He wants to kiss you, I think. Is that naughty? We’re engaged. Who is? No! Really? Yeah. Engaged? Show her. Yes! Look. Gosh! That’s fantastic news! Thank you. Congratulations. I knew you’d see sense about university. You’ll stay pretty now. Can I still read? Of course. But it doesn’t have to be books now, does it? Magazines will do just as well, and you learn more from them, anyway. Oh, Helen. Well you won’t be laughing, David, when she goes all speccy and spotty. Danny didn’t seem very pleased about our engagement. I noticed that, too. I thought he might be a bit jealous. Jealous? We’re going to keep him away from you. I mean, what is one supposed to order as a starter, anyway? And how will I know what is a starter and what isn’t? We’ve been through this, Dad. It’ll be quite clearly marked on the menu. Can’t the three of you just go on your own and leave me here? I’d be perfectly happy with a tin of salmon. Hello. Hello. Oh! Ready? I think you’ll like this place, Jack. Their wine list is as good as anything I’ve seen in London. Yes. Someone told me that. David, probably. Who else would it have been? Madame. I was hoping you’d take us in this. You won’t want to drive in anything else after tonight. Mind you, it drinks petrol. Yes. I’m afraid we’ll have to stop on the way into town. I feel like Eamonn Andrews. Is that a good thing? Eamonn Andrews is the poshest person that Jack can imagine being. How are you tonight, sir? Very well. Might as well fill her up. I’m going to make a quick call. I’ll be two ticks. Do you think I should offer to help pay for the petrol? Would he be insulted, do you think? I know he said tonight was his treat, but does that apply to the petrol, do you think? I’m sure it does, Jack. Oh, no. Jack! It just came off. Put it on my bill. Thank you, sir. Cheers. Jenny? Jenny. Um… Take us home. What’s wrong? I’m afraid there’s been… Jenny’s had a bit of a shock.

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