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First-degree murder. Sorry, California are reporting, Margot Killer Kim “Arrest.” A police officer recently arrested. A girl’s case has been missing since Thursday. Let’s talk about what happened to Margot Kim of the day. What happened that night? I bought a phone. Who is calling? Son. Mom, I made a big mistake. I had to call the police. What do you do after that? I’m finding it. -Where? “Look at the last Margot.” Near the lake Barbossa, inside. What’s with Robert? ” said. She pushed a daughter who said she wasn’t deliberate. Then I ask him. What did he say? You have to understand, my son is different from the others. What did he say? months ago Website online Margot. “Welcome back to Fisn n chips.” He’s liked him since junior high. He knew all about his life. “We’re all weird here.” His hobby. “Bedside table and reason Pokemon.” And what did he do? The story was composing and creating a fake identity. This photo was a long time ago. Six months, friends. You work hours in school? “Mother from the hospital.” “Cancer .” He’s just faking it. “Hospital bills.” About the money. User name Venmo and the cost of the hospital to send dollars.” The cost of this is not real. He’s a good boy. So we decided to return the money. Yeah, to end the relationship. Why not at school? Margot could have panic in a public place. Robert’s not like the crowd. So he followed her. He followed him. Margot and the lake? He was drunk in the car. What happened then? He came in, Margot shouted. First Robert realized that there was bleeding. Margot ran out. Robert chased him into the dark. He didn’t want to hurt him. tried to explain. Time punched scream and… Just moved here The reflex pushed it. And he fell. He disappeared. And he wanted to protect him? Not…! This is my decision. Honey, I don’t want to call anybody. Mother will take care of everything. This is my decision. Margot Kim in the case of “suspect.” It’s not her call. So you’re not looking at this gap? What? I am trying, but not without the search team. How is he… Is it OK? The gap is too deep and feet. And very deserted. You’re helping your son. Take the lake and the bag. I convinced him… girl’s escape. Forensic medicine asked hard drive Margot, and tell the police say the province. Time but only find a subject up. That’s why I confess. This one can not stop all this. So do you know the former prisoners? He really committed suicide? He’s my son… “Detective California bear son’s evil responsibility.” You know what you’re doing with him in jail. He made a mistake. She just join us just for you… Drive Detective Vick… In case of Margot Kim… Didn’t you tell anyone? Was Mr. Kim really dead? What did you tell him? Still safe. You have to endure five days without water. What did he say? “Detective was arrested and brought to the office SVPD.” I said to return. Why? That said the new days. He said he should live days in water. There’s a storm on Monday. We’re witnessing a loser, Margot Kim. It is believed to be under the void. “Search for Lost Young.” The search continues for several hours. Search Margot Kim started again. The location is once known as the suspect. Question what is still alive in Margot? Or too late? Expect to continue developments for the end of this Liberation. Wait, the only news is the latest developments… We’re looking at something. Bring something, we can see them. The entity is taken with the upper stretcher. We don’t know how. There is Margot’s father. But it started to get to the top. They caught the top. he is not aware of his situation. It looks like his father is investigating this. This is the images of the rescue Margot Kim. “Search has evolved.” “Any news?” “No, I’m just checking email.” “The results of the school piano practice…” “Wait.” “By the way, don’t know ever send photos.” “What is a photo?” “Oh, God, ugly, I became a father.” “Oh my God!” “I have to go.” “I understand.” “The page automatically refreshes.” “Do not do this!” OK. “I’m so proud of you.” “Mother.” “Thank you, Dad.” I suppose cellists must go to a lot of concerts.

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