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I won’t allow it! Fine! He’s more than happy for you to take me. Fine, I will. Good! Well, where is it? St John’s Smith Square. Where’s that? I don’t know. I’m sure we could find out. It’s in Westminster. Right next door to the Abbey. How do you know that? I had a life before we were married, you know. You soon put a stop to that. Well, there you are. Where are we? We’re near Westminster Abbey. I’m not going all the way over there. The trouble is that’s where St John’s Smith Square is. Well, there must be something on locally. Where’s the paper? She wants to see someone who can play. She doesn’t want to see Sheila Kirkland scratching away. I’ll take her. And how do you propose to get there? RAF helicopter? That’s him. Oh, bloody hell! Jack! Oh, by the way, David’s a Jew. A wandering Jew. So watch yourself. What does she mean by that? I’ve never said anything like that! It’s just an expression. I’ve got nothing against the Jews… Glad to hear it. Hello. I didn’t mean I’ve got nothing against you. No, of course I do mean that. Dad. No. It’s… Sorry, it’s just that… You’re not the sort of person that I would be against. Well, I wouldn’t, because I’m not the kind of person who would be against people. I’m Jack. This is my wife, Marjorie. You didn’t tell me you had a sister, Jenny. Please. You’re a lucky man, Jack. Yes, I suppose I am. This is lovely. Thank you. Oh, I’m sorry, David. Would you like a drink? I’d love one, Jack, but we’re running a little late. If Jenny’s ready, perhaps we’ll shoot off? Actually, David, Dad has something he has to tell you. No, no. Really. Well, it was just a question, a point of reference. What’s the best way to get to St John’s Smith Square from here? It’s a straight run, really. Up to Hammersmith, take the A through Kensington, you’re there. As simple as that? As simple as that. Shall I book us some tickets? No. Well, have her back by :, David. Well, I was hoping she might come with me afterwards for a spot of supper with my Aunt Helen. Oh, well… No, no, well… She’s usually in bed by then. What if I promise to have her back by 😕 Well, it’s Friday night, and you are going all the way to the West End. Thanks, Jack. I appreciate it. All right. Bye. Bye-bye. Have a nice time. Come on. Hello, hello! Ah! Are we late? No, I thought we were going to miss the beginning, and then it wouldn’t be worth going in and we could all go off dancing or something. Helen is one of the more reluctant members of tonight’s audience. Hello. Jenny, these are my friends, Helen and Danny. Shall we? Hello. All right? Four, please. Thank you, sir. Sorry. That’s all right. It’s lovely, isn’t it? It’s beautiful. Where did you get it from? Oh, I don’t know. Chelsea somewhere. Oh, yours is… Well, good for this sort of concert, isn’t it? Thank you. We should go shopping together one day, you and I, if you want. That would be nice. But Chelsea, c’est beaucoup trop cher pour moi. Sorry? I just said, “It’s too expensive for me.’ ‘ No, you didn’t. You said something completely different. No, well… I said it in French. In French? Why? I don’t know. Well, Chelsea’s too expensive for me, too, really, but we don’t have to worry about that. If you want something in Chelsea, just get David to take you shopping. Why would David want to take me shopping? I booked a table at Juliette’s. Will that kill the mood, do you think? Oh, I hope so! God, I always think I’m going to my own funeral when I listen to classical music. That was classical, wasn’t it? Yes. Very classical. As classical as you can get. Juliette’s it is, then. Heaven forbid we should end the evening reflecting on our own mortality. I want a Sunday kind of love A love to last past Saturday night …Miles Davis, Sartre… Extraordinary woman, Gréco. Just like you, Helen. What about Chante Françoise Sagan? Have you heard that one? It’s wonderful. I’ve only got… I think it’s just called Juliette Gréco. The one with the eyes on the sleeve? I saved up and got my French Conversation teacher to bring it back after Christmas. You have a French Conversation teacher? Yes. Is that why you suddenly speak French for no reason?

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