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It’s my fault, I’ve been disappointed in you from the beginning. I’m doing this because we’ve lost a lot of time. Protect me. -Only professional can work in this situation. and he was working on this case. I just helped you find my daughter! I know. But you can’t see anything clearly. Who drove the car? Finding the lake and fingered in his car? Not even for me, not you. Margot think of escape. We didn’t run away. Cash in the car. But as we know, his son is years in the old hospital. He will be fine. His jaw’s broken! Mom? Robert! What? Honey, I’m gonna have to take care of that good night. If there is a doubt someone is not something. But the police duty is looking for evidence… It’s not your job to move away from evidence. This is not supposed to be. What you need, from now on, tell me. We don’t want anything from you. I’ll be back on the field, not call me until I call. Vick, Vick. Sleep, Mr. Kim. Do not lie to me. I don’t dodge. Damn it. Hey, hey, stop! Damn it! Back off, back off! Stay away from me! (Memorial. Deep Condole. Margot Kim Reddit Margot Kim Who kidnapped him Those who think the situation is a stranger, what is the probability of a criminal? A pervert, a little girl in the middle of the jungle. Forget the biology homework. Note, pleasant to talk yesterday. (Don’t tell Daddy. I’m sure we’il both die. You want to drink? Coffee would be nice, thanks. Coffee? Yeah. No, what I’ve got drinking caffeine too much today. I’il make you tea. Herbal tea. Um… I’m going for a minute, I’ll be back soon. Hmm? What detective? Do you have a new tip? No. Stop me. How’s your relationship with Margot? What do you mean? It’s a lot of time, isn’t it? Of course. Just… I mean, not so often, but… Just… When was the last time you met Margot? One… You know… I need to remember I think this is the wine you need. Who is it? Works. Oya, how do they do that? Going back to the last question, when did you meet last time? Man… I almost don’t remember. But, you know, forget about it for a moment, huh? We’ll be talking about it because you’re crazy. Hey, what’s a nice tea? Do you still want coffee? Last night was a lot of fun. Do? I feel weird to do this. Don’t tell your father. It will kill me. Really, he’s gonna kill me. And times at different times. Until tonight. What did you do with my daughter? What did you do with my daughter? I can explain, okay? Look, come on, calm down, sit down. Stop! Hey! -What did you do to her? Please. What did you do to her? What did you do to him? Marijuana! Marijuana! I asked for some herb. New Year back to you. I found my marijuana. He wanted to try. This continues to recur. They gave drugs to my daughter, right? I didn’t report this, I promised him a favor. You arrived at midnight. God knows what else, and gave her marijuana. That’s it. He was just drunk and chatted, I swear. I know the wrong sounds, and I know I should have told you earlier. But, I think there isn’t all that to do. What kind of brother you are. Are you asking to me? You’re coming here, what kind of family did you want me and condemn me by saying something?

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