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Please sir. But you’ll find out, won’t you? Please. You’ll find out what it means. Please sir. The London Post Sir Charles. Oh, thank you. And one for you mademoiselle. What does Harry have to say this morning my dear? I said, what does Harry say this morning? Oh, nothing much. I’ll wager my gout hurts him more than it does me, eh? Does he send any news I’d be allow to hear? Oh, he just said that he walked through the East End recently. I’ve never seen such deplorable housing conditions. Surely the city fathers should find the funds to… Well, then he just goes on to say about the housing conditions. They must be pretty dreadful. Yes, he’s quite right. They’re disgraceful. I was just saying at the club before I left. Now, there’s a problem Harry could get his teeth into. He’s just the man to… Here, here my dear, what’s wrong? Nothing. I suppose I’m just not very interested in housing conditions… at the moment. You mean because a man doesn’t cover the pages with sentiment? Nonsense. A woman must learn to read between the lines my dear. Yes, I like the tone of that letter. And what’s more my dear, I think my gout is getting very, very much better. Oh, hello Marcia. Are you here alone? Yes, yes. I just made some tea, come and have a cup. Not me nor you either. We ain’t got time. You’re going get dressed, we’re going out. Freddie got a young brother… just out from Oxford and they want another girl to make it a quartet. He’s a bit of all right too. And we’re going to the Empire. The empire? Yes, it’s ever so there Ivy and the show is grand, it’s just where all the toffs go. No, I don’t think so Marcia. Why not? Well, I just don’t feel like it, that’s all. You ain’t afraid to go, are you? Afraid? Why should I be afraid? Oh, I don’t know. I just thought… Well, I ain’t afraid of nobody. But you ain’t been out for ever so long, have you? No, but… He ain’t your lord and master, is he? I should say he ain’t. Or is it because you ain’t got a nice enough dress? Of course I have. What are you standing there for, then? Go and put it on. All right. What’s that across your back? What? There’s nothing. Did he do that to you? Let me see. No, no. It ain’t nothing. I just… So that’s your fine friend, is it? The dirty, filthy brute. If ever a man dare lay a hand to me like that, I’d… Well… Aren’t you going to introduce me to our charming visitor? It’s Marcia. This is my friend Mr. Hyde. You’ve heard me speak about him, haven’t you? Oh yes Marcia, I’ve heard a great deal about you. I’ve never been interested, until now. I’ve got to be toddling along now. Toodle-loo Ivy. Oh, no, no. Don’t go now, Marcia. After all, this could be very interesting, the three of us in friendly discussion. I can’t keep my friend waiting, I’ll be dropping by Ivy. Yes, yes, yes. Drop by sometime when I’m here Marcia. Your ideas differ from mine. It would be a charming experience to change them. Ivy found it that way, didn’t we dear? Nice material. Goodbye. Very nice material. Marcia is a very pretty girl, isn’t she? Oui. Yes sir. That’s what frightens you, isn’t it? Why, no, sir, I… You’re afraid I’ll become interested in Marcia. Why, well, if you, If you want to I… What? What? You’re not very clear. Well sir, I… Oh. Oh, you poor child. I’m such a tease, aren’t I? Such a tease. Yes sir. Ah, what a lucky man I am to be loved this way. But supposing I did have to leave you for a while? Leave sir, when? I’m not saying when, I said suppose. Well I… Supposing I had to take a trip from time to time? You, you mean, soon? Well now, I don’t know. Oh, you mustn’t look so worried. It won’t be for a long, long time. Oh, I see. So we won’t think about it now, will we? No, sir. When I do go it’ll break your heart, won’t it? Yes sir. Well… What would my little cherub like to do this evening? Oh, sir, could we go out? Out? You mean gad about a bit, see the sights? Yes sir. Oh, you’d like it, wouldn’t you sir? Well now, I don’t know, I don’t know, that might be very charming. Where would we go? Oh, they, they say that the Empire and such places… They do? Who does? Marcia sir, she said it’s ever so . Oh, really? Yes. We can go, can’t we? They say that the bill is ever so good. I haven’t been out for so long. No. No, that’s right. You haven’t, have you? You do look a little pale. Yes, yes, that’s true. Not that I am complaining, you understand… Oh, no. Oh, no, no. I understand, you, you’re just nervous and jumpy, that’s all. Yes sir. Yes, yes. You have that cooped-up feeling. Yes, you do understand, don’t you? Oh, yes. Well then a number… Well now, now, where would we go? We might go to Albert Hall. Yes, and hear a symphony. Albert Hall sir? Well, I sort of hoped that… What makes you say…? So you’d like to go out, eh? Yes sir, I’ll go and put my things on. Don’t hurry, because we’re not going. Sir? The bill is ever so good right here. Now, let’s see, what shall we do? We could play cards. But you’re probably tired of cards, aren’t you? You might read to me, yes. Yes. Milton’s Paradise Lost would be nice. But we haven’t the book, have we? And I don’t suppose you know it from memory, do you?

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