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What else do you do in my absence? My Lord. Your Majesty! Your Majesty, will I tell the groom to put away your horse, or will you be going back to the tavern? I am one of the finest swordsmen in England, Bothwell. You’re in Scotland now, Your Majesty. Then sleep with one eye open. I am your husband, woman. I expect you to attend to my needs. Open the gates. I’m going tavern … to find myself a whore, as my wife will not attend to my needs. You were right about my husband Bothwell. Does that gives you pleasure? No pleasure. That’s good … for I hate you for it, Bothwell. That is good. Love and hate both come from here. I have found some place in your heart. Leave us. Where is the Italian now, in bed with our queen? Turn. Such an arse. Sit. We wish to get rid of the Italian. Why tell me of this? We need your help, and in return, we will make you King of Scotland, equal, no longer subservient to the Queen. No longer merely a Consul. Only my wife can make me King of Scotland. Every Scotland Lord support your claim. The queen could not refuse. What would you have me do? Sign your name to this document, And open the castle gate for us. What is the meaning of this? We’ve came for Wee David. You may not have Wee David. But we must. You stay. Away from the Queen. Get out! Do not hide behind the skirt of a woman. This is an insult, stop that. You must kill me in front of the Queen, which I served so well. Do not dare, David is playing. Your not man enough to carry the affairs of Scotland … You must… Can you not see your only use…. Get your hands off me. This is treason. Get out of here. This man is under my protection. Why do you need all these men to kill a little Italian? Do not ignore your loyal queen. I not wish to deal with you in the presence of a woman. They were defeated by the British, because they are cowards. Come here, do you here?. I warned you, we will deal with you here. You force us to deal with you here. Murderers. Murderers. Murderers. Murderers. Lord James, Your Majesty, I gave wee David this gown; it’s now soaked in his blood. It’ll wash. These are the names and signatures of all those involved in the murder of wee David. Is your name on it, James? Of course not, Your Majesty. ” Of course not. ” Look at the names, Your Majesty. I will not. The first name, Your Majesty, is that of your husband. They must be executed. No, my lord. How dare you. I must My Lord, I wish to leave the castle. You cannot, My Lord. I am Lord Darnley, man; husband to the Queen of Scotland, the grandson of Henry the VII… I have orders to stop you…… you dare to obstruct me, you sniveling shi….. Do not struggle, My Lord, I cannot let you leave. I shall have you hanged; I shall have you all hanged! Is this you treat a man who is soon to be king of Scotland? My Lord, you helped murder a man loved by your Queen. You will not leave this castle alive. I pray you to understand the position that I was in. I am your husband, but you talked in secret with that Italian. Because you drink wine all day. I am your husband … and you got into his bed. How dare you! Ready. Take me with you. I loved David only as a brother. Take me with you or else I die. You’re a fool, Henry, Mary, I beg you. I’ll take you with me, Henry; spare your wretched life, You’ve ….. yourself on purpose… and one purpose only. God bless you, Bothwell. Bravo. We’ve only three horses, there are only three! Bothwell. He will raise an Army and they will return. That’s my wife. You warned wee David? Yes. You killed him… when first you took advice from an Italian Catholic. An Italian Catholic in a Protestant Scotland, that is when his fate was sealed. Now… now you must abandon your self-pity. You must raise an army and slaughter them all. It is time to act like your mothers daughter, no longer the French Madame. You wish me think honest, Bothwell Away from the court, let’s speak plain … … looking in a man. But there is, for you want me. Surely you are not worthy… nor never have been, and that is why you insult so. Since first you set foot in my country, you hated it. My country! No…no, your country is still France. Your heart is still in French. Your soul is still French. I have become Scotland, My heart, my soul … every fiber of my being is Scotland. Go. go to somewhere dark and lonely … and toss your Caber… Scottish man. How many men can we raise by morning? Enough. I am your anointed queen, and all must answer to me. From humblest peasant to the grandest Lord, all must answer to me and to God. Your queen has been abused by Scottish Lords … Scottish Lords led by my own brother-in-law, James. Now is the time to chase these traitors out of Scotland forever. Follow me now, to fight against them all… …for God, for Queen and for Scotland. Come on, Bothwell. Halt, we are in England. Bothwell. In the name of God, follow. You’re in England, Bothwell, you will return immediately. Come on, Bothwell. You have raised an army, and an army must fight. I will not fight on English soil. Did they not fight on ours? You will return. Go shag your Queen. Escape, Bothwell.

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