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You mean you’re that kind of a doctor? Now, don’t worry about a thing, Professor. The dean sent me to you? He thinks I’m crazy? Now, now, now, now. Crazy’s an unfortunate word, don’t you agree? I certainly do! And if you think I’m going to submit to an examination by a . Do you always react so violently? Violently? Why, no. Not at all. In fact, I’m a quiet man Studious. Oh, I see, quiet and studious sometimes and violent at other times. Almost like two different people, hmm? Now, look here. If you’re trying to say I’m schizophrenic . Oh. Do you feel that I’m persecuting you? No! It all began when my niece received a charm bracelet. Oh, Professor Kellgore. Professor Fenster. Do you know where I might find Professor Jones this morning? I have a little translation problem I’d like to discuss with him. Jones? Jones? No, I haven’t seen him since the cocktail party yesterday evening. Behaved very peculiarly, didn’t he? Perhaps I can help. Well, I’m afraid it’s in t field of ancient languages Professor Kellgore. Call me Horatio. Well, I must run. Thanks, anyway. Please continue, Professor. That’s all there is to tell. Yes. Now, if I understand you correctly, you say that you’re actually able to destroy living creatures by pointing your finger at them and speaking this word, “Zotz.” Yes, but only if the coin is on my person. Don’t you see that all this is mere delusion? Delusion? Why, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. A line of people on the sidewalk, mown down as if by a machine gun. Hallucination. It was not hallucination And there was the moth and the cat and the ships and the squirrel and the dinosaur The dinosaur, Professor? I mean, the lizard. Just a little lizard, you know. Yes. Yes, of course. It was a baby dinosaur, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was . No, no, no. Professor Jones, you’re an intelligent man and I won’t try to humor you But surely you can understand that these delusions of yours are merely a result of your repressed hostility, your aggressive feelings toward society. I have no aggressive feeling toward society, Dr. Kroner. I must confess, at this moment, however, I have aggressive feelings toward you. Well, that’s a perfectly normal reaction. As a matter of fact, you’re a classic case. I will not be referred to as a “classic case!” Sir, this power of yours does not exist. It does exist! Then show me. What? Show me. Convince me. Demonstrate this horrible force, this power you have over life and death. Very well. But what shall I demonstrate it on? Me. Oh, I couldn’t do that. Why not? Well, it would cause you pain. Well, now why should that concern you? You’ve already said that you have aggressive feelings toward me. Here’s your chance to unleash them. Oh, I can’t. Of course you can’t. Because this power is not real. It is. It’s imaginary. It’s not. Not what? Not real. I mean imaginary. There, you see? You can’t distinguish between reality and imagination. I’m sorry, Doctor, but there’s no other way You put on a good act, Professor. Remember, you brought this on yourself. Go ahead. Take out your hostility on me. It will do you a world of good.

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