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Your Majesty, we should hunt them down like the dogs they are. I care not for borders. To enter England is to give Elizabeth an excuse for war…. …and we are not strong enough for war. You’ve done me great service and you shall be rewarded. What ever you wish for, is yours. Whatever I wish for? Aye. Huhh. Do not toy with me! I do not play with you. You toy with me….. you delight in toying with me…. My thoughts have filled my head for you…believe me. I want to believe you . I am the Queen of Scotland. You are a woman. I am the mother of the future king … …and you’ve never had a man. How dare you presume to be worthy of me…. you’ve only had an English idiot … … you’ve never made love to him Get down on your knees and beg my pardon. Get down on your knees. I want you…naked, in my bed. I can not tolerate this, you will leave we in the morning. Henceforth your duty is to guard our border, you will not return to Edinburgh. Would you forgive me, before I leave? I’ve lost wee David … and now I lose to you? You’ll be the stronger for it. You are your mother’s daughter. Per inch, a Queen. Bothwell. I’m with child. I fulfilled my promise to my dead mother and to Scotland if I am with child. What this to do with me? Stand. Your Majesty. You have taken the place of traitors, their undoing has been your good fortune … but remember this: I demand your undivided loyalty, I do not ask it, beseech it, I demand it….Aye? Aye. I am my mother’s daughter, every inch a Queen. Spare him. Now you can take a message for your English Queen. Who has killed my soldiers? A Scot named Bothwell. Forgive me, Your Majesty, but, he sent this message. Out. Read it. You, Elizabeth, you are the fading moon. Mary’s child, the rising sun. Mary’s child? She is with child. Let it not be a boy. Let it be a girl, a thin, sickly, waifish girl. Do not a strong healthy boy, a prince, spring from her womb. Scotland will have a king. This child is yours. I wish you’d acknowledge that this child is yours. Yes. This child descended from Henry VII of England and James V of Scotland. This child is the rightful heir the throne of Scotland and England. Yes? Yes. What if at this moment I spared life? See my child, see my child, see him. See my child, see him, and listen. Can you not hear the weeping and the wailing of the English queen for this child will have his throne, so she will seek to kill my child. That wicked barren wicked English Queen wont’s my child dead. You will protect him. You will protect with your very lives. Aye? Aye.. James VI of Scotland, and I of England. Majesty, I have news from the border. Bothwell? I fear he’s dying. Come, child. I feared you dead, and I thought to myself, you’ve never taken into my arms… to my bed … … because Bothwell is gone, ” you’re weak. I have strength enough for this. You are well? Aye. Say: “And your child?” And your child? He’s well, we’re both well, Bothwell. Return to Edinburgh, we’d be together there. Openly? No. It must be so, I’m your queen, I’m married. I wish that the Queen to the whole world that you mine. I wist to be with you every minute of every day. I’m with you now. She is in total control of Scotland, there is no challenge to her rule. She will make mistakes. What mistakes?’ She is under Bothwell’s. She is rash, lacks cunning. They will make mistakes, and when they do I will pounce. She will not make mistakes, for she need to do nothing. She’s with Bothwell now, that be her undoing. And I will rule Scotland once more. Time for bed, my darling wife. I will have no arguments….for I am your husband. Take your hand away from me. She cannot be with you at the moment. Can you leave right now, I’m sorry Your Majesty. Do not touch me. Wait outside. Wait outside, whilst the Queen does her duties by her husband. If you rape me, you will pay for it with your life. I have no life, I could have chosen any woman in the land, but I chose you. I chose you! And now I’m held to ridicule throughout the country. Don’t you pull my panties off, I’ll do it myself . You said you loved me. I did not declare to love you, I’m being difficult, but there you are… But this is impossible, I beg you to stop. You whispered in my ear and you lied. I lied for my country, not for myself. I married you for your royal blood, but this is not noble blood, for this is not noble. You think this is manly, you admire manly. I have seen how much you admire manly… This is not manly. Whilst you ridicule me, you say I am half a man. My dear wife, I will show you how much of a man who can get…. Divorce him. I am Catholic. Then have the marriage annulled. And declare my child declared a bastard who will not inherit my throne, Mary, this can not go on. It must. It must go on until the day he dies. Do you wish him to die? Aye. God forgive me, but I…., Let me kill him. You do not love me. I love you. Prove your love, let me kill him. Kill the drunken, fornicating wretch. He bore you each night, he murdered wee David and now you not want a shot at killing him That’s not love, That’s not love. That’s not what I call love, I would kill every man to Scotland for you,

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