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Red mountain, they’ve been developing this procedure for years now. And you wouldn’t believe what they’ve done to make this work. Truth is, some of it’s pretty ed up, and it’s classified. What do you mean it’s classified? How come you didn’t tell me? Top clearance, Travis. Or, quite simply, because you hadn’t been killed yet. Moments prior to your death, you made a call stating that you knew the location of the safe house where Keith zera is making his deposition. Do you remember the location? We’ve less than two hours before he makes his deposition. This information is vital. longmarket, room . You’re certain of that? Yeah. Good. This procedure is finally paying off. This is on you. Kill zera. Personally. Personally? I’m sorry, is that a problem? I’m a handler now, sir. No more wet work. I gave my word. To whom? Your wife? Jim, this is the moment, you realize, that the unseen line between friendship and profession is not where you thought it was. And because Conrad went soft and let the interpol agent live, you’ll take care of her as well. Yes, sir. Now, this is it, Travis. You’re one hell of a weapon. Godspeed. Hey, Jim, get me off this thing. I can’t do that. What do you mean? This was always going to be a patch job. You’re never going to leave this box. I’m going to get the doc in here. Give you something to make it go quick. We’ve done some ed-up things. This is how it ends, buddy. I’m sorry. Jim? Jim? Jim! Hydromorphone. It’s a very powerful narcotic. I know what it is. It’s such a waste. I’m sorry. What is happening to me? You’re going to die. Again. How do I stop it? You can’t. Who knows more than you? No one! I designed the procedure. Your body will reject the drug cocktail. Your mental faculties will break down. Even if you survive that, which no one ever has, there’s a built-in fail safe. The Lazarus unit. How long do I have? How long do I have?! You have less than hours to live. Secure the perimeter! All right, come on, move, move, move. What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here.

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