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Come on Radio Work, please Radio Why can’t it work? Forward! On the double! Sir, why you send for these soldiers? What are you going to do? Yes, sir Radio The Commander of the Capital Defense Force Radio has taken control. Clear out! Disperse yourselves! Shut-up! Bunch of bastards! I’ve worked for my country! I’m not like you, a bunch of craps You’re all good for nothing! I don’t know why I’m mixed up with you! Maybe the communists have manipulated all that! But not me! I don’t deserve to die here! I’ve dedicated my life for this country! I’m a good person! I’m someone to do good! Go away! Damn it! I think the same way! I’ve given my life to this country! So how could I get there? You know what? This country has nothing to do with us! We killed ourselves for our jobs, a bunch of idiots! But one thing’s for sure. I must survive! I must survive! Where are you going? What are you doing? Don’t go there! Get lost! Die! ! Where’s that? Where’s that? Mister Radio Mister! If I had had a place to go, I would not have stayed at the Seoul Railway Station Radio Mister Radio mister Radio Quick! Quick! A little more, quick! You’re almost there! Quick! Quick! No! Don’t look down there! Over here! You can do it! No! No! That’s it! Try one more! Faster! Come on! A little faster! You’re almost there! Be brave! A little more! Help! Help me! Hello? Anyone there? Anyone in here? Help! Please! Rubber Wood Table €. Made in Vietnam Hello! Hello? Hye-sun? Are you all right? Ki-woong, Ki-woong, I’m still alive. Where are you? I am Radio Appartment Darim Witness Building Appartment Darim Radio in Witness Building. Everything all right. Ki-woong. I know how to go there. I’ll come right away. Hurry. Quick Radio Hye-sun, Hye-sun. Hye-sun Radio Ki-woong. It’s over. We can go home now. Ki-woong, Are we saved? Yes, everything’s fine, we can go home. And daddy? Where is he? Don’t worry, he’s fine. We go different ways to look for you. He’s really OK? Yes. He didn’t feel well Radio He’s fine now. That’s good, really good. Look! There he is. Sir! Dad! I’ve found her! Hye-sun, my dear! There you are! Hye-sun! At last I found you! I almost die to find you, little whore! That’s not my father! What? That’s my Radio You must repay when borrowing money. How could you make me wait like that? Everything, just because you ran away Radio Oh my god! ! You’re deep in to your neck! No, wait Radio You said you’re her father! That’s right, idiot! I’m daddy of all whores that work for me! Call me daddy! Come on, go home, quick Come on! Let me go! Don’t do that, OK? Son of a ! Why dare you? I’ll kill you! Come here, asshole! Get up, bastard! Bastard, I’ll kill you! Boss Radio What? I beg you Radio Why do you cry? Please let me go back home. I want to go home! Go home? Sure, as you wish. After you’ve paid me my money, ! Until then, you will not go anywhere, filthy whore! Stupid ! Poor idiot! How pitiful! Let me go! ty whore Radio Pitiful! You are pathetic! Motherer! Holy ! No, I beg you! Ki-woong! Go there! Motherer Radio , where Radio ? Where did she go? Damn! Radio Eh? Where dis she go, damn it? This viper Radio Where is she? Why is this place so big? When can I live in a place like this? Hye-sun! Because of runaway debtors like you, I’ll never could live in this kind of luxury! Wow! Look at this! What wealth! If only I could here. Hye-sun! If you haven’t taken my money, I could have paid for this place. My dear, let’s go eat. I’m dyeing of hunger. Hye-sun. Hye-sun! Listen. You keep saying you want to go home, you want me to make a confession to you? After you left, I came to your home to request my payment. Your dad was very ill. You know what I told him? That you’ve taken my money and run away, so he has to pay for the debt of his daughter. He asked me to return next week. He needed one week. You know what I did? I patiently waited one week. But he never came to see me after one week. So I came back to his home. Holy ! Radio You always said you wanted to go back home, but do you know what I saw over there? Your sick father had fled. That’s what kind your father was! The daughter disappeared with borrowed money, and the father set sail to abandon his child. Hye-sun, the home you knew doesn’t exist anymore. Die! Filthy whore! Sneaky rat! Poor connection! What’s this, holy ? Hey! Hey! What’s wrong? Wake up. Hey! Hye-sun? My god! Don’t die, baby, Hye-sun! Don’t do that to me! I’m sorry! Hye-sun! All is my fault! Don’t die! Pay back my money, whore! ! Radio Hye-sun Radio You maybe experiencing post-hibernation sickness. Your door will be lite up for you. Welcome to your cabin. Your home until we make landfall. Over the next months, you’ll prepare for your new life on Homestead II. Meet you fellow passengers, take skill building classes and learn about colonial living. You’ve been assigned to Learning group , for passengers with engineering and technical trade skills. Please scan your I.D. to confirm luggage delivery. Jim, please scan your I.D. to confirm luggage delivery. To help you recover from hibernation, be sure to drink plenty of fluids Enjoy the rest

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