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They kept on calling me “Mr Forest Ranger”. Very unhappy they couldn’t see the Puyé Ruins. This eating out of cans is killing me. I know. It gives you indigestion. You been a good boy? Yes, sir. Want me to take care of your lunch? Yes, sir. You’ll be going home soon. Maybe in a day or two. Yes, sir. What are you going to tell your parents? I was treated very good. What else? You will keep in touch with my father. What are you doing? Nothing, sir. You know better than to try digging your way out of here. Yes, sir. Do you know what would happen if we caught you outside? Yes, sir. Would you like that? No, sir. Just keep thinking about that. Want a drink? No thank you. [ Car horn ] You behave yourself now. What’s wrong? The letter was a plant. They’re stalling for time. Who? I’ll not wait to find out. There is no sense in Dr Rassett and myself making the rest of the climb. Get rid of everything traceable after you finish with him. You want him left inside the Pueblo? That’s immaterial. It will save time. We can seal up the entrance with rocks. Alright. We’ll wait a bit. They’ve outlived their usefulness. I don’t think they would talk. That’s a rather theoretical conclusion. Perhaps they won’t talk. But I prefer to make certain. Say Arnie, the kid’s gone! Where? How? Never mind that. Get after him. [ Whistle noise ] Something is wrong. He got out through the chimney. Alright, we’ll find him. We’ve got to find him. He can identify us. Let’s not behave like chickens with our heads off. He’s the headless chicken. Not us. There is no other way off the mesa. Dr Rassett will stay here. We’ll flush him out. Help! Help! Help! I can’t get through. We’ll have to burn him out. And have the smoke bring the forest rangers? Take a look around outside and see if there is another exit. Give me that light. Tommy. Listen to me, Tommy. You’d better come out. Come on out. Well, we’re going to wait right here until you change your mind. You might die of thirst. You’d better come out. There is snakes in there. They live in those rocks. Come on out. I won’t. Never! You can’t make me. Close up the opening with a lot of rocks. It won’t take long. Alright, get started. Oh boy! Oh boy, I won the bike, I won the bike. Pop, Pop! I won the bike, I won the bike. Sidney, what are you talking about? I found this ticket. There is the winning number. Let me see that ticket. Just a minute. My son found that. We’re certainly entitled to find out if he won Oh. Where did you find this ticket, sonny? It’s mine. Sidney, tell the man where you found it. I found it at the back of the caves. The caves? Oh, the Puyé ruins. Yes we were there just an hour ago. Puyé. You and your son wait here a moment. “Inspector Mann, please. Come in.” This is Mann. Over. “Wilson speaking.” “Davis picked up some people with the Tommy Addison contest ticket stub.” “They found it about an hour ago at the foot of the Puyé cliff dwellings.” “Repeat: Puyé Cliff dwellings. Puyé cliff dwellings. And hurry. There might be an exit, but it wouldn’t help him. There’s a sheer drop all the way down to the road.

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