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I’ve got some rocks out of the mouth of the cave. Give me a hand. This is the boy that found the ticket. Search the caves. All of them. Here is the air search. This is Helicopter. I’ve spotted a man on the mesa. Hold him until we get up there. No shooting. We need him. All men to the top of the mesa. All men to the top of the mesa. “Farley to Helicopter.” This is Helicopter, over. “Take the wooded area, Bob. Look for three men.” “Two dressed as rangers. The other wearing civvies.” “They went after the boy.” “We’re starting into the woods now.” Better wait here, Mrs Addison. Close to the radio. Russ! Russ. Inspector. Check him out. Farley to Helicopter. Anything in sight? Nothing. You’ll be coming out soon on the edge of the mesa. Nothing yet. Farley, I spotted your two rangers. They ran in to a cave right below me. I’ll circle back and point it out to you. Got it Bowen. Go ahead. The helicopter. I think it spotted us. Alright men, follow me. Hurry. You inside. This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Come out this way slowly. With your hands up. You have thirty seconds. No. They want us alive only to answer questions. Questions we can’t answer. I want to stay alive every minute I can. Me too? We’re coming out. Don’t shoot. Where is the boy? In there. Take him out! Now we need something to break through. I’ll put in a call. Tommy Tommy! Tommy. Tommy. Bowen. This is Farley. We need pickaxes and crowbars to open up a side cave. “How long will it take the helicopter to make the round trip?” About twenty minutes. Wilson. Have everything ready for the helicopter. They have the boy buried in one of the side caves. We can’t tell if he’s alive. He hasn’t answered our call. Helicopter to mesa. Hurry. Come in, come in. Go ahead, Bowen. “The boy is out on a ledge below the mesa. He’s hanging out in space.” “I’m right above him.” “Get there fast. He can’t hang on very long.” Stay with him Bowen. We’ll be right there. We can drive around there. Inspector Bowen sees the boy. Right Davis, you can tie a rope to the tree there. Alright. Sorry Doctor, we can’t risk losing you. I can’t let you. But Even if I have to use force you’re not going over. Farley will get the boy. Tommy! Give me some slack. Tommy, this is Dad! Tommy, this is Dad. Tommy. Tommy, this is Dad. No, don’t look up, son. Stay there quietly, very quietly. Hang on, Tommy. Hang on! Don’t let go, Tommy. Russ will get you. I’ll be right over there in a minute, Tommy. Hang on. Just as few seconds more, Tommy. Hang on, don’t slip. They’re going to make it. They’re going to make it. You’re safe. Dad. Mummy, Mummy, Mummy! .in the crosshairs of the largest meltdown. . Since the Great Depression. Investors and banks are holding onto their cash. .until more certainty can be flushed into financial markets. Let’s go now to Bob Summers. .with a story on yet another city. .going under from the mortgage crisis. SUMMERS: I’m in Fresno, California, where if you look around. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (PHONE RINGS) (CHATTER) Just let me lead it off. It’s completely crazy. We can’t back down on this one, Andy.

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