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that is love. That’s the measure of my love, and if you will not do do it for me, then do it for your country. With me by your side, Scotland would be strong, let me kill him. Henry. Opens. Opens. You wished for a child. Give him to me. An heir to the thrones of England and Scotland. Give him to me!. No!. Now that your have your child, you discard me. But children die, Mary, children die Radio Radio would that not bring you naked into my chambers once more? Would that not make you my wife again? My Lord. Give me him. Kill him! I will. He will be alone in Kirk o’ Field, an accident should befall him there. I must be above suspicion. You’ll be in church. Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word Radio and deed. “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.” I have given my country a King, a king who will unite England and Scotland, A king who will end years of war Radio Radio suppose to save thousands of lives, Taylor Does that not give me the right to kill this one man Radio Radio this man who threatens all that I have achieved I shall prepare your bed, My Lord. Have I not keep the Catholic faith alive Radio , Radio I have, And I ask in return one dispensation Radio This man must die. You will not do this. Can I divorce him? No. Then I must kill him. Confess, absolved, and all is well. In the eyes of this world only. In the next one, you will burn forever in the fires of hell. Murder is a mortal sin. So be it. I could give my life for my child and be thought a saint. But I do more, I give my mortal soul. Taylor. My Lord. My Lord Bothwell. You killed Taylor. You said he would be alone. So I thought They know it was me. You must hang me, Mary. Why? If you do not hang me, people will say we planned this together. -I can not. -You must. Mary you will hang me, you will hang me anyway. -I can not. Then you must marry me, for they will not hang the Queen’s husband. Marry me or hang? I’ll marry you, I’ll marry you. No one planned Taylor’s death. But you planned your husband’s. You and Bothwell murdered your husband Radio and my Taylor. I would give all that for him to be living still. All that you have? Your crown, your child, Bothwell? I loved him. No more can I love Taylor. Your queen is not a whore. She is worse than a whore. A whore gives her body for money, your Queen gave her body to Bothwell to coax him into the murder of her husband. Her body, her womanly body, which should be life and love and sustenance, for her it is hatred and death. Stand for your Queen. The country is against me. You are going to Lanark. Thousands of men will join us there. Tens of thousands. Mary, we must prepare for battle. What have we done? More men to fight for you. My son would be have given you ten thousand armed Catholic soldiers, but you had them slain. May you die in the same manner as my son. My curse is still upon you. What is all this? Has she been anointed Queen Scotland? Is she the anointed Queen Scotland? Aye. Then that is the reason enough for all of us die? For thee, but we, My Lord. We do not have the Queen in our bed. Bothwell. Bothwell. Has it come to this? When I was in France, the news from Scotland news always Radio war Radio and bloodshed. I came to endure that. And what should we do? I fear this is the last time we will ever make love Radio . so I beg you Radio Radio make me remember it until the day I die. My dearest Bothwell, I will ask to no more man die in vain. To save my child, I place myself in the hands of my enemies and pray they will be merciful. In return, they grant you freedom for one day. Take it , my darling, flee. With all my love, Mary. Your Majesty. Let me help you, Give me my child! This way, Your Majesty. Make way! Make way! Give me my child. For You, Your Majesty. You’ll have your child. You promised me my child. My child! I’ll raise an Army, you will allow it in order to share that man’s wealth and power. That commands respect, but should you ever whisper sweet nothings in my ear, I will know the they are lies and you shall forfeit that respect. Is that clear? Yes Your Majesty. Then I shall marry you. Your Majesty, the English have executed your mother! Have executed our Queen! We head south, we will gain men and their horses as we go, and will not stop until we reach London and avenge our Queen. No Scotsman is to take up arms. They have cut off the head of our Queen! I will have my revenge, but I will act from a position of strength not weakness. When Elizabeth dies, I will be king of England. I will be all powerful. I will slay all of those involved in the death of my mother. Elizabeth can live for more years! So be it. We Scots have always acted in the heat, and been undone by the, cool, cunning English. I’ll wait. You, will wait. We will ride to England! You’re determined to ride? Aye. Nothing I say will deter you? No. Then, then wait until morning. My men and I will ride with you. We ride tonight! For God’s sake man! Will you not give me one day to come to terms with my grief? You have lost the queen. I lost a queen and my mother. One day to mourn, is all I ask. Forgive me. My good Lord Huntly, you will stay here tonight. In the morning we will ride to England. Your Majesty. Follow me ! Kill him as he sleeps, and all that ride with him. You wish to embark upon a course of evil, sweating your hearts desire. Begin by killing your mother. Here, here respect be damned. This is just for a whore. Offering that which God has deemed sacred, in return for money. In return for shelter, for food. Are not all wives whores? And all mothers. How children be come from this beastly act. How can they be loved? Get up. My mother wanted everything. Complete control of Scotland. Your king wishes wishes to eat! She lost it all when she fell in love. You will have my children. Male children, heirs to my throne. We will have three, perhaps four. You will be free to take lovers, until then, only I must visit you in your bed. No. Not for all the reatures of Scotland, will I see true marriages such as this. It’s creatures not reatures.

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