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Adam What’s happening to me? You’re hallucinating. It’s a side effect of the drugs. I’d run if I were you. I made the mistake of not killing a woman once already today. Don’t make me regret this. I’m sorry. Travis, you disappeared on me. Believe me, you have no idea how much I wish I was there. Well, where are you? I’m in South Africa. Jesus. I’m not coming back, okay? Not Not ever. What? What’s wrong? I’m in a bad way, frank. Bad like what? Well Um Let’s say bad as it gets. It all caught up with me, pal. You were right. I don’t think I do have a soul. Probably never did. You were such a great father-in-law. You really were. I wasn’t there for them. No excuses. Travis, you meant everything to Kate and Adam. Don’t give up. Hey, taxi. Taxi! Give me that cell phone. All right, now give me the keys. Give me the keys. We’d been working security on a crude pipeline stretching from interior Congo to the coast. And one day we got a call for reassignment. By “we,” you mean who specifically? Rapid-deploy unit. Red mountain’s top crew. We’d been We’d been all over. So our orders were to be in Namibia by next morning. So tell me about the events of that morning, June the th last year. We traveled through the night. Fifty kilometers northwest of the border. It was real remote bush, you know? Typically, we’d take in two suvs or maybe even a blackhawk, so I was surprised when I was told to bring up heavy equipment. What kind of equipment? Two loaders, a dozer, and a dump truck. They took us out to a remote container yard. And what was inside, Mr. zera? Bodies. Everywhere. The place was packed with them. Militia bodies? Civilian. Men, women, and kids. Was there indication of how they died? No. Not at first. At least not to us. And then, yeah, we started noticing that each one had scars on their chests and on their wrists. Turns out they’d been medically experimented on. And how many bodies would you say? I’d say at least . By that night, we’d dug a pit half the size of a football field, and we burned and buried them.

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