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It is better to be close to power and observe than to agitate against it. How else can we come to when our time has come? What is it? See, Mizzy. What can you see? That was better. Stop shooting the mirror father. Australians called him a prime example. Who can deny it? World’s worst job according to Churchill. He’s wrong. It was Burma. You leave a country to its people. Churchill also took error of Gandhi. What did he call him? A half-naked fakir. It’s pretty rough. The British empire brought to its knees by a man in a loincloth. Poor Winston looks like someone who has swallowed a wasp. He is a thing of the past. You come with the future. We do. So we had better not to mess up. Right! Your Excellency. Not for much longer. You know the Chief of Staff, Lord Ismay. Nice to be on the team. Welcome to the fierce heat. Lady Wavell. It’s a little bawdy way, the government has allocated you on. I was Churchill’s man. Now Attlees government wiped the slate clean. What do you hope to achieve? I’ve got a specific task. I will be India’s last viceroy, and it will be my great honor. Gee. It’s wonderful. It is the indoor staff. I think that is about the th On behalf of all of you I would like to welcome the upcoming Viceroy and his family welcome. I am sure that you will serve them in the same excellent manner that you have always served us. Who is he? My father was imprisoned for marching along with Gandhiji. My mother and I were not allowed to visit him. But a young Hindu cop helped us. He brought the letters, food and medicine for my father. But your face Radio I was just surprised. Stop it. It solves a puzzle. There’s nothing between us, Sunita. Maybe not for you. I do not envy you, Dickie. It’s a madhouse. Thousands have already died. million Hindus and Sikhs want a united India but it makes million Muslims. The Muslim minority will have their own country, Pakistan. There is so much resentment between the leaders that it is near impossible to collect them. Whatever has all Indians one thing in common. They want to finish us. Hr. Nehru. Sir. Nehru and other leaders welcomed my flight welcome. I invited them to dinner. Surely it is not inconvenient? Your Excellency. Lord Ismay. Hello. My dear Dickie. Thank you for coming, Panditji. A pleasure to be in the viceroy’s house and not in his prisons. You were not imprisoned if you had not tried to undermine us. We promised to help in exchange for independence. How could we fight Hitler when our country was already occupied? Two and a half million of your country men volunteered. I had not won without their sacrifice. I am greatly indebted to India. Panditji indebted to Cambridge, who sharpened his discussion skills. reception rooms, reception rooms , ten dining rooms, a cinema Radio Buckingham Palace seems small. I have it so hot, that I think, I die. Here’s food for the dog. Would you wear it out on the terrace? It was a long journey. It is terribly hot. Just put it there. What have we here? I have not seen the kind of chicken since before rationing. Sorry if the food is wrong. No, just leave it. Do you Radio Why not? Garter worn alone or with the Indian star order. If I want to fine me, I wear them all four. For the dress, we must have it down in two minutes. Yes, Your Excellency. Only after the deployment. Socks without garters. Let belts sit on the pants. Have you seen it before? No. We waste time to unbutton his pants. You here jumps just in. All fleet using them now. Today we are setting out all the stops. Duleep Singh, right? Yes. Lord Wavell speak nicely about you. Thank you. It is an honor for me. And? Jeet Kumar. From Punjab. He’s new. Then we have something in common, Kumar. Now, are we ready? minutes. We do better next time. Jeg, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, Viscount Mountbatten of Burma swear allegiance to our sovereign, King George VI faith defender and Emperor of India and I will faithfully fill the office of Viceroy of India. May God guide me. Have you never seen white in fine clothes? You need to know your place. Mohsin, let him be. He is my friend. In Punjabis

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