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as this fellow you want. But I’m not in a position to do that. I see. Go on. Well, after such a procession of disappointments, you surely cannot intend to commit the crowning folly of cutting off your chief source of information. In the absence of any hint of subtlety, it doesn’t surprise me that this rescuer has been so successful. Still, it’s no concern of mine, I just came here to talk about Shakespeare. Perhaps you’d care to read about the Earl of Oxford. I do wish it were in my power to help you. Well, goodbye. Professor. You should have been a detective. Me? Oh, thank you. Alright Miss Coles, you can go. Does that mean I’m free? For the moment, yes. Perhaps the professor would care to see you home. Oh dear. I’m afraid I’m a very poor escort. Well, allow me. I hope you won’t regret taking my advice. I shan’t. Why did you let her go? It’s not her I want, you fool, it’s him. That man, with his English superiority, seems to be mocking at our greater German world power. And I’ve got to get him. Got to! Yes, Herr Reich Minister. How are you feeling? Alright. No, don’t ask me any questions. We are not alone. Ah. How about a glass of wine? You need it. But if my father’s safe, why can’t I go to him? Because we want to keep him safe. Is he in Berlin? The fewer people who know where he is, the better. Here, drink your wine, it’ll do you good. Excuse me. You like music? No. Good. Enjoy yourself. Waiter? Sir? Take some wine with my compliments to that unhappy looking fellow over there. Very good, sir. Cigarette? Is that him? That’s him. I’ve given him wine and music, and I’m afraid that’s all I can do for him. I think you’re the bravest man I’ve ever met. You mustn’t exaggerate, especially after your own remarkable courage. But if you’ve no fear for yourself, what about those who depend on you? Nobody does. I’m a bachelor. I wonder why. Well I’ll tell you a secret. Years ago I fell in love. And I’ve been in love ever since. Is she pretty? Not pretty. Divinely beautiful. Is she English? No, she’s Greek. Would you like to see her photo? I always carry one with me. But that’s– Aphrodite Kallipygos. The perfect woman. I found her at Lesbos. Ours is an ideal relationship, you know. They say no woman compares with her physical perfection. And as for her mental equipment, well, I try to supply that. Do you never wish she could come to life? I’ve always thought that would be most unsatisfactory. In fact during the last few days, suddenly she’s become less real to me. Just marble. It’s a pity. Oh. Well, I think we better be going now. And in opposite directions, I’m afraid. You better go first, alone. Now I want you to trust me implicitly. It’s going to be hard, but whatever happens, you mustn’t get in touch with us or try to see us. This is going to be a battle of nerves. We’re going to be watched day and night, but you must trust me to the end. I will. I will, whatever happens. Don’t worry. I promise you I won’t leave Germany without you. Give my love to father, and keep some for yourself. Goodbye. A week. A whole week, and what has happened? Nothing to report, nothing to report. The girl has been to a hairdresser, and he has kept digging. Why? Why? Why? What’s his game? I can’t stand this waiting any longer! Say Prof, we’ve dug up half of Germany. What do we do now? Dig up the other half. Thank you. All that’s for the Berlin Museum. Thank you, I am most grateful. Not at all. You’ve been most helpful, Doctor. I wish I could do more. One has to be careful. I know. Thank you. What are you doing with that? Just bringing a little sunshine into their lives. Well give them my love. What’s the matter? The gestapo! Where? Alright. This is where I go to work. Go on, hurry up. Oh David, I wanted to ask you– Shh. Gestapo. Professor Smith? Come along, please. You must excuse my coming unannounced, but you did invite me. I brought some of my boys. Delighted. Well, what a large family. You don’t mind their taking a look around? They’re so interested in your operation. Not at all. Make yourselves at home, gentlemen. You know Dr. Fulroth of the Berlin Museum? Heil Hitler. Heil Hitler. Dr. Fulroth is making a catalog of the relics which your government is permitting us to take back to England. Professor Smith’s discoveries have been quite remarkable. And he’s been most generous in his gifts to our museum. So. Yes, you’ll be surprised what we’ve discovered about an Aryan civilization. What’s in there? Relics, pottery, weapons. Here? Same thing. And here? A man. Hmm? A dead man. Would you like to see him? There we are. Buried with all his weapons, you see. Presumably in the belief that there might be a rearmament program in the hereafter. Eh, Mr. Spencer? An ancient tutor. Alas, poor Yorrick. Get thee to my lady’s chamber, my dear General. Tell her though she paint an inch thick, to this favor must she come. Make her laugh at that. The Earl of Oxford wrote that, you’ll remember. Herr Reich Minister. No. No? No. So. What, going already? Then we’d better say goodbye, for we shall be leaving ourselves in the morning. Whew. It’s okay boys, they’ve gone. Well never get out of here, never.

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