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We’re just catching up. He’ll be right with you, friend. The war to end wars, right, tom? That’s what they told us. That’s what they said. Hey, pal, I asked you for a couple of drinks. Yeah. What are you gonna do about it? Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey! Do you know who you’re talking to? Ralphie. I didn’t mean nothin’ by it. You got no idea. It’s okay. I’m sorry, sir. It’s okay. Don’t worry. Just Games like you were. As you were. You go on, miss. It’s gonna be fine. You don’t wanna be with this guy. Here, here. Good luck, soldier. Come on, it’s alright, pal. No, it ain’t. I’m scared, tom. Well, nowadays Games We’re all scared. Uh Games Diana, she Games She’s getting impatient. She’s having me have dinner tonight with her parents. You wanna talk about scared. I didn’t think it’d ever happen again, tom. But no wonder, huh? The fightin’s Games inside us. It’s inside of me. It’s what we are. Till we ain’t. Can I have another? Gentlemen Games You got sunripe, Mr. Spangler? I surely did. , give or take a handful. How’d you get there first? I ran! You beat western union to sunripe running? Nothing to it. Yeah, it’s a shame that you got lost on the way back. What do you say you take ulysses here on home now? We got a pickup from guggenheim’s. That’s down our way, so I’ll hike ulysses home, go to guggenheim’s, then ithaca wine, then foley’s. Come on. I’ll be back in no time. I know you will. Bye-bye. It’s just thunder. That doesn’t scare you, right? No, nothing scares me. Go faster, homer. Pay attention, homer. Look around at this wonderful, senseless yet beautiful world. And feel compassion for all things. And their terrible way of enduring Games and dying. Helpless Games And full of the world to come. Guess we’re on our way. Scuttlebutt’s we leave first thing in the morning. Yeah? What do you think about, Toby? What Games what do you wanna go back to? Uh, anything Games I guess. I don’t have a girl like Mary waiting for me, sister like Bess. Hell, I didn’t even know kids had parents till I went to school and heard the kids talk about them. So whatever I go back to, it’ll be a place, but it won’t be people. I’d like to think that I could go back to ithaca with you. You will. What do you think about? I think about my father. Matthew macauley. Yeah. That’s right. Yes. Uh, he worked in the orchards. Just Games plain, ordinary, everyday work. Never made any more money than we needed. Ever. But he did save enough money to make a down payment on a piano. My mother wanted that for Bess. There are still men in the world like that, Toby. Tell me about Bess. You wanna know about Bess? You are in luck. Got a picture in your pocket? Yeah, I’m my pocket. Hi, Bess. Hello, Mr. grogan. A little wet, huh? This is my friend Mary. Pleased to meet you, Mary. We’re just on our way to the majestic. And here’s homer’s supper. We’re going to the pictures. Oh. I’ll see he gets it. Oh. Uh Games hello. Hello. Hello. Uh, ma’am. Hi! May I help you gentlemen? Uh, yeah, um Games how much is a telegram to New Jersey? Well, it’s words for cents, plus a small

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