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Well, we live nearby. Go to my house. My brother was resolved nothing. Enters. Thank you. Do not have a coat? Then move on. It goes to San Martin for survivors. My coat is still in the Coast Guard station. Do you have a guy there? Hang on. He is not now. Is Bernie Webber. Bernie is a good man. We find no compass, Bernie. We have no idea where they are. Hang on. It is? It is? I’m having fun right, Bernie. It is fun. Hang on. It is very nice here. Take it, use it. It’s okay. We have lost the bombs. Pumps overload circuit breakers. Checking the connection. Give me the light. No matter, Bouloo. Sometimes I wish I did not understand. Sybert, wat is er aan de hand? We use all the bombs we have. The switches are locked to prevent overloads. Another meter means that the water touches the air intakes of the engine and the boat breaks. Jesus Christ. Did you hear that? The rising tide that pushes us from the sandbar. This gives us at least once. Yes, indeed, Mr. Sybert? That’s right. While generators to operate the pumps. So we give auxiliary longer. Sybert wanted to be the man. Now you are. You just do not have a wife or children. You are a man who always barricaded down. What you are lost? Enough, Brown. I’m afraid, Brown. Also I have a life, just like you. I do not see the point of not talking about it. Train Station Chatham, . Do you hear me? Chatham Station, DIT is Head Bangs, CG-. You pollock lightship, CG-, hear me? Why not listen to us, Bernie? We hear however. The water is too high, we can not move forward. Station Chatham, do you hear me? I repeat, we will return. Chatham train station, CG , back to Old Harbor. You pollock lightship, CG-, hear me? We’re alone. You heard explosions, it sounds like you can not go game and again when the storm gets worse game We must return, Webber. We have gone further than anyone imagined, Bernie. Perhaps Richie is good and we must return. The wind is eight to nine. Wind force eight to nine. Heavy snow. Bangs heard on the radio. We have no compass and we can not communicate. You’re game What am I, Richie? I, however, have brought us here? Cluff Bangs or not, but I do. We did, Richie. Would you return? No, not now. We’ve come too far. We must not give them. Not while I’m here. Just do your job. Turn off the light, Fitz. We work in the dark. We can see the light of Pendleton faster in the dark. Look outside. Return. Get your ass back. I lost my hat. You’re good? Ye , I’m just tired. Come on. You will play in the bedroom. You can expect them, while I call my brother. Thank you. Miriam call me. Does your mother mind if I turn on the radio? Kustwacht Boston, dit is Unimak. We are at the bow of Mercer, in support of Yakutat. Four members of the crew of the Mercer jumped from the deck. Everything is lost. I repeat, I lost four men. Several crew members were hypothermia. Tomorrow morning we conducted a new rescue attempt. About. From Listening does you no good, Miriam. You have to learn to live with that uncertainty. How long have you been married to Bernie? US game We’re not married yet. I’m not sure game As I said, Bernie’s a good man. It has saved a year ago my husband Arnie and crew of Landry. They were fishing in Nantucket Sound when water entered the ship. A night like this. Come on, we need to go. My brother comes. I have to go to the cabin. Come on guys. because people said sit sit, allow you to move the boat because people said sit sit, allow you to move the boat the devil you can pull down the sharp edges of his coat Sit, sit, sit Do you know who he is? It is not the fault of Bernie. No one. That would be like she is blaming you. Why? You said there was another ship. Because they sit there, right? Fitz, the spotlight is turned on. I can not believe we found it. Look. We arrived too late. It’s a ghost ship. See this? You see? Yes, I see it. I dont know. Where are you going? Good to see you. Careful. How can we all get on the boat? There are people capacity, including us. Those are the rules, but? How much they can handle? , maximum. Wait. They come here. Releasing the propeller. Bakboord. Come on, I have you. We got you. Mask, Kom here. Come on. Get the. U weet nu weg, Miss? I think so. Thank you for your help, Mr. Nickerson. You know game Bernie’m not there. I know. That is the work of Bernie? How then can I blame? Calm down, there will be no problem. Pete, you’re next. Slow down the speed. Come on. We have to go out. We leave no one behind. Go on that ladder, Eldon. They must be down. We do not have time. She escapes. We must get off this ship. Come on. What’s up, Eldon? I’m scared. It becomes much scarier here without us. Listen to me. Eldon. We’re all going down, so do not push. Follow me. If anyone can, he can. Come on. Hou je vast, Eldon. Hou vol, Tiny. Eldon. Eldon, look at me. When I jump ‘say, let go. Are you ready? Spring. It is? Hang on. We are so heavy that driving is difficult. It is said that there are seven or eight on board. First, we can bring them back and then back again. We can not leave them alone. The boat does not like. We live or die together. True? You did well. Finally I have to go out, Mr. Sybert. The last man. Fitz turn off the reflector. We have radio contact with McCullough. They have lost four men, but kept the rest. The captain said Pollock Rip game Mr. Cluff, is the . It Bernie on the radio. Chatham train station, you hear me? CG-, this Chatham train station. It is, Webber? Yes, sir, this is Bernie. We’ve found survivors on board Pendleton. Chatham train station, you hear me? , Station Chatham. You say you have survivors on board? have been rescued. Yes, . We have lost our compass, so we do not know where we are game but we are trying to get home. They do not return without a compass. Not at this time. They can not return. You are your compass lost Webber. No. , this lighthouse is the Pollock. Reached the coast. We are eight kilometers northeast of the last location of Pendleton. Come to our position, change. CG-, Station Chatham game Pollock lightship go and put all the survivors. What do you know well, right? Still, Richie? CG-, you hear me? If they know where they are game then someone tell me where I am, because I have no idea. Webber, you hear me? I do not go to sea. This is the Chatham train station. Can you hear me? We have just taken a boat and what not to put in another. CG-, DIT is the Chatham station. Webber, crossing eight kilometers northeast and turn off all survivors in Pollock. I think radio capable, Mr. Cluff. He will do this on your own. Bernie Webber. How I had thought dat? How they come home? He turned the radio. Poor guys. I can not believe this happened. There’s more in the car. The power went out. How do I get home? We have no power. The power is out throughout the city. It’s worse than last year. They never will. Let’s go to the pier. How did you find us without a compass? We look at seasonal streams. I think we were lucky. The happiness. You know how to get home? Frankly, I’m not sure. I ignored the orders of my superiors. They do not know what I have to, eh? The wind was on my left when I left. If they are right, we will

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